February, 2013

News of the Week; Feb. 27,2013


1. Make A Counterstrike Map Of A Montreal Metro Station, Get Threatened With $50,000 Fine: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20130219/17273422032/make-counterstrike-map-montreal-metro-station-get-threatened-with-50000-fine.shtml

2. Former FBI Profiler: Video Games Do Not Cause Violencehttp://gamepolitics.com/2013/02/25/former-fbi-profiler-video-games-do-not-cause-violence#.USwJD6XR0m0

3. Majority of Americans Believe Games Contribute to Violence: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/122351-Majority-of-Americans-Believe-Games-Contribute-to-Violence

4. Fear of a Woman Warrior: http://www.gamespot.com/features/fear-of-a-woman-warrior-6404142/?part=rss&subj=6404142

5. Sony patent application measures load times to detect pirated games: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2013/02/sony-patent-application-measures-load-times-to-detect-pirated-games/

6. BFI to administer games tax relief cultural test: http://www.develop-online.net/news/43372/BFI-to-administer-games-tax-relief-cultural-test

7. Zynga announces more job cuts, closures—will online gambling keep it afloat?: http://arstechnica.com/business/2013/02/zynga-announces-more-job-cuts-closures-will-online-gambling-keep-it-afloat/

8. New Jersey Passes Online Gambling Law: http://gamepolitics.com/2013/02/26/new-jersey-passes-online-gambling-law

9. “The Illegal Process: Basic Problems in the Making and Application of Censorship” by James Grimmelmann: http://lawreview.uchicago.edu/sites/lawreview.uchicago.edu/files/uploads/Dialogue/Grimmelmann%20Online.pdf

In response to:

10. “Orwell’s Armchair” by Derek Bambauer: http://lawreview.uchicago.edu/sites/lawreview.uchicago.edu/files/uploads/79_3/01%20Bambauer%20ART.pdf

11. A Charter Right to Search Google?: http://blog.bennettjones.com/blog/2013/02/13/a-charter-right-to-search-google/

12. Via Michael Geist – R. v. Fearon: the Ontario CA decision on searching cellphones without a warrant if no password protection: http://www.ontariocourts.ca/decisions/2013/2013ONCA0106.htm

13. Alan Westin, scholar who helped shape internet privacy law, dies at 83: http://mobile.theverge.com/2013/2/25/4027072/alan-westin-legal-scholar-privacy-law-obituary

14. I used Google Glass: the future, but with monthly updates: http://www.theverge.com/2013/2/22/4013406/i-used-google-glass-its-the-future-with-monthly-updates

15. French Tax Proposal Zeroes In on Web Giants’ Data Harvest: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/25/technology/french-tax-proposal-zeroes-in-on-web-giants-data-harvest.html?nl=technology&emc=edit_tu_20130225

16. Property, intangible: Who, Exactly, is an “Author”?: http://www.propertyintangible.com/2013/02/who-exactly-is-author.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+PropertyIntangible+(Property,+intangible)&m=1

17. Internet providers launch controversial Copyright Alert System, promise ‘education’ over lawsuits: http://mobile.theverge.com/2013/2/25/4026194/infamous-six-strike-anti-piracy-program-barks-harder-than-it-bites

18. Buying Keyword Ads on People’s Names Doesn’t Violate Their Publicity Rights: http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericgoldman/2013/02/25/buying-keyword-ads-on-peoples-names-doesnt-violate-their-publicity-rights/

19. The Use of Legal Scholarship in Intellectual Property Decisions: http://www.patentlyo.com/patent/2013/02/scholarship-roundup-the-use-of-legal-scholarship-in-intellectual-property-decisions.html

And in the not really relevant category:

20. New York Yankees: Yes, We’re ‘Evil’: http://m.wsj.com/articles/a/SB10001424127887323549204578320531185286140?mg=reno64-wsj

21. Judge: Mocking Lindsay Lohan Is Allowed; Plagiarizing A Court Filing, Not So Much: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20130222/08194922069/judge-mocking-lindsay-lohan-is-allowed-plagiarizing-court-filing-not-so-much.shtml


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News of the Week; Feb. 20, 2013 (Reading Week Edition)

1. Real Crime in Virtual Worlds: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JohnKrajewski/20130214/186639/Real_Crime_in_Virtual_Worlds.php

2. EA and Zynga Settle The Ville -The Sims: Social Lawsuits: http://www.gamepolitics.com/2013/02/15/ea-and-zynga-settle-ville-sims-social-lawsuits#.UR8TLRG9KSM

3. Snap happy! Freedom of speech is a human right – and it trumps copyright, Strasbourg judges rule: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2275796/Snap-happy-Freedom-spe @GamePolitics: Fourteen Video Games on View at Museum of Modern Arthttp://t.co/Upox6sR6 #eca

4. @GamePolitics: Fourteen Video Games on View at Museum of Modern Art: http://t.co/Upox6sR6

5. Research: As Violent Video Game Sales Climb, Violent Crime Among Youths Decreases: http://www.gamepolitics.com/2013/02/13/research-violent-video-game-sales-climb-crime-among-youths-decreases#.UR9AI6XR0m0

6. Why creativity is like a slot machine:http://t.co/TSt6hdY0

7. Virtual currency and virtual property revisited: http://www.technollama.co.uk/virtual-currency-and-virtual-property-revisited 

8. The Privacy Legal Implications of Big Data: A Primer: http://www.infolawgroup.com/2013/02/articles/big-data/the-privacy-legal-implications-of-big-data-a-primer/?

9. As 3-D Printing Becomes More Accessible, Copyright Questions Arise: http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/2013/02/19/171912826/as-3-d-printing-become-more-accessible-copyright-questions-arise

10. Facebook’s Biggest Problem With Brands Right Now: ‘Illegal’ Competitions: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-biggest-problem-facebook-needs-to-address-for-brands-right-now-2013-2

11. Report: Chinese Government Creating Criteria for Online Gaming Addictionhttp://www.gamepolitics.com/2013/02/19/report-chinese-government-creating-criteria-online-gaming-addiction#.USQhxaXR0m0

12. Sony’s EyePad patent shows off a controller that can bring real-world items into games: http://www.theverge.com/2013/2/19/4005890/sony-eyepad-controller-patent-shows-off-3d-mapping-cameras

13. Internet platforms can assume the role of publisher and become liable for defamation, rules (U.K.) Court of Appeal: http://www.out-law.com/en/articles/2013/february/internet-platforms-can-assume-the-role-of-publisher-and-become-liable-for-defamation-rules-court-of-appeal/

Tamiz v Google Inc [2013] EWCA Civ 68 (14 February 2013): http://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/markup.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2013/68.html&query=tamiz&method=Boolean

And in the not really relevant category:

14. What if Crim Law was taught by cartoons?: http://www.abajournal.com/books/article/podcast_episode_018/

15. Shaw Industries files declaratory judgment action against Hershey over KISSES® marks: http://www.natlawreview.com/article/shaw-industries-files-declaratory-judgment-action-against-hershey-over-kisses-tradem


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Playstation 4 just unveiled!


Some really cool cloud features, including gamers remotely being able to take over their friends’ controllers if they get stuck. I’m very curious about the new Xbox and hope that this new piece of news today will provide the impetus for Microsoft to leak some details soon!

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Paper inspirations

As we’ve talked about, now is the time to focus on papers topics & getting started (or better) on them. Attached is a link to a very useful paper by Stephen M. McJohn, which for your purposes is a nice overview of interesting 2012 U.S. IP cases. By going through the paper you might well end up thinking about a few topics you have not thought of, or considering issues you have looked at but through an additional lens.

Top Tens in 2012: Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secret Cases by Stephen McJohn :: SSRN.


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HLS Copyright Course: Special Event 1, The Interests of Authors – YouTube

Prof. William Fisher is making his Harvard Law School on Copyright available gratis through edX. Below you will find an excellant two hour discussion of copyright from the perspective of creators. Among the four speakers is John Drake of Harmonix, the company that created the “Guitar Hero”, “Rockband” and “Dance Central” series. Those games are particularly interesting because the genre is itself a form of re-mix of the creative works of others.

All of the speakers are very worthwhile. Most of the legal perspective comes from Dale Cendali of Kirkland & Ellis. FYI John Drake is introduced @ 7:20 & speaks @ 30:57. Dale Cendali is introduced @ 8:20 & speaks @ 36:44


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“Tetricide” | Texas Review of Entertainment & Sports Law

Nice piece in the Texas Review of Entertainment & Sports Law about the Tetris case – Tetris Holding, LLC v. Xio Interactive, Inc., 863 F. Supp. 2d 394, 397 (D.N.J. 2012). We will be looking at this case and it’s implications in Class 9 on March 6.



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Lawrence Lessig on “Law & Justice in a Digital Age” – Feb.19, 2013

Lawrence Lessig gave an extraordinary public lecture on Tuesday February 19, 2013. All the more poignant given the significance of Prof. Lessig’s work on digital law and his personal connections with Aaron Swartz.

Here are the details:

“Harvard Law School will host a public lecture, “Aaron’s Laws,” by Lawrence Lessig on the occasion of his appointment as the Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership.

In the wake of the tragic death of social activist Aaron Swartz, many, including some in Washington, are asking how the law should respond. In this lecture — radically personal, deeply non-disinterested — Professor Lessig reflects on the life and work of Aaron Swartz, and how that work might be honored.”

Worth mentioning that at 1:33:55 there is a terrific exchange between Prof. Lessig and a student that is worth reflecting on. It centers on the perspective law students should adopt going into their careers to make things better rather then worse given that the tools of the law can often be used for either.

Stream it below:



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News of the Week; Feb. 13, 2013

1. Judge Dismisses Axl Rose’s Lawsuit (“Guitar Hero lll”): http://sanmarinotribune.com/2013/02/08/judge-dismisses-axl-roses-lawsuit/

2. Copyright Explained Musically: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20130204/18145421881/copyright-explained-musically.shtml

3. When Video Games Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Funs: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/edward-murray/violent-video-games_b_2625789.html

4. Growing Up Or Just Getting Old?: David Cage is a poor figurehead for industry evolution – but that doesn’t make his arguments invalid: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2013-02-08-growing-up-or-just-getting-old?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=european-daily

5. Issues Gamers Should Think About: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/columns/ask-dr-mark/10177-Issues-Gamers-Should-Think-About

6. Court clarifies balance between copyright and freedom of expression in the UK: http://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=9a33aa70-003e-4cdb-ac14-7618216a1c9a

7. Peer Progress and Regulation 2.0: http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2013/02/peer-progress-and-regulation-20.html

8. Lawsuit Over Video Game Rights Might Kill The NCAA But Not The System: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20130207/15002421913/lawsuit-over-video-game-rights-might-kill-ncaa-not-system.shtml

9. A Court Is About To Determine The Fate Of Software Patents And The Implications Are Massive: http://www.businessinsider.com/a-court-is-about-to-determine-the-fate-of-software-patents-and-the-implications-are-massive-2013-2

10. The IPKat: Australian High Court says that Google Adwords is neutral: http://ipkitten.blogspot.ca/2013/02/australian-high-court-says-that-google.html

11. Technology & Marketing Law Blog: Newspaper Not Liable for Moderated Online Reader Comments–Gains v. Romkey: http://blog.ericgoldman.org/archives/2013/02/newspaper_not_l.htm

12. EFF to defend against troll with “podcasting patent”—granted in 2012: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/02/eff-to-defend-against-troll-with-podcasting-patent-granted-in-2012/

13. Everything Is Infringement: http://www.nationalreview.com/agenda/340231/everything-infringement-reihan-salam

14. List of IP paper downloads on Written Description: http://t.co/FFFEBo0e

15. JFK Space Center Plans Angry Birds Exhibit for Spring: http://www.gamepolitics.com/2013/02/08/jfk-space-centers-plans-angry-birds-exhibit-spring#.URf4WKXUQm0

And in the not really relevant category:

16. Judge rules that it’s illegal to sell custom Batmobiles because the Batmobile is itself a fictional character: http://io9.com/5983237/judge-rules-that-its-illegal-to-sell-custom-batmobiles-because-the-batmobile-is-itself-a-fictional-character


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News of the Week; Feb. 6, 2013

1. ‘Spacewar!’ The story of the world’s first digital video game: http://mobile.theverge.com/2013/2/4/3949524/the-story-of-the-worlds-first-digital-video-game

2. What is the government’s interest in copyright? Not that of the public. – Copyright Librarian: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/copyrightlibn/2013/02/what-is-the-governments-interest-in-copyright.html

3. Patent Assertion Entities: Six Actions the Antitrust Agencies Can Take by Michael Carrier: SSRN: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2209521&buffer_share=14a72&utm_source=buffer

4. Something to look forward to, er, in 2013+1: http://ipkitten.blogspot.ca/2013/01/something-to-look-forward-to-er-20131.html?m=1

5. North Korean Propaganda Video Uses MW3 Footage, Gets Pulled by YouTube After Activision Complaint: http://www.gamepolitics.com/2013/02/05/north-korean-propaganda-video-uses-mw3-footage-gets-pulled-youtube-after-activision-compl

6. EFF to help defend against troll with “podcasting patent”—granted in 2012: Personal Audio has made a name for itself suing Apple, Samsung, RIM, and others: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/02/eff-to-defend-against-troll-with-podcasting-patent-granted-in-2012/

7. Data Protection Laws, an Ocean Apart: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/03/technology/consumer-data-protection-laws-an-ocean-apart.html?nl=technology&emc=edit_tu_20130204&_r=0

8. Microsoft Attacks Google on Gmail Privacy: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/06/microsoft-attacks-google-on-gmail-privacy/?nl=technology&emc=edit_tu_20130207

9. @gamerlaw: WOW RT @BenjaminCousins: Valve are the 4th largest bandwidth consumer in the world: https://t.co/wuiiWNxY

10. Edinburgh researchers first to 3D-print with human embryonic stem cells: http://www.theverge.com/2013/2/6/3957772/edinburgh-researchers-first-to-3d-print-human-embryonic-stem-cells

11. WHY AARON DIED by TarenSK: http://tarensk.tumblr.com/post/42260548767/why-aaron-died

12. Opinion: Changing the terms of the violent video game debate: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/185244/Opinion_Changing_the_terms_of_the_violent_video_game_debate.php#.UQ9PfaXUQco

And in the not really relevant category:

13. Applebee’s Overnight Social Media Meltdown: A Photo Essay | R.L. Stollar: http://rlstollar.wordpress.com/2013/02/02/applebees-overnight-social-media-meltdown-a-photo-essay/



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“The Agreeable Cat” – Cat freely agrees to EULA

Interesting (and really cute!) take on the effectiveness and enforceability of EULAs:



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