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Julia Reda – The Copyright Directive

Julia Reda – The Copyright Directive

I promised to upload Julia Reda’s website on the EU Copyright Directive, so here it is. I’ve also uploaded two videos from her website. If you already forgot, Julia Reda is one of the main opponents of the Copyright Directive. According to Reda the consequences of the Copyright Directive are far-reaching. Furthermore Reda has claimed that the […]

“Life As A Game: Legal Consequences of A.I. Individuated MEdia” @ More Than Just Game lV, April 5, 2018, London U.K.

This past week I once again had the pleasure of giving a talk at fourth annual “More Than A Game ” conference in the U.K. As seems to always be the case, the ideas for the talk were germinated during this course, especially during our various collective musings about Artificial intelligence in video-games. Thanks are […]

A.I.: What makes Human?

Exploration of identity of human has been a recurrent question.  I found that Ghost in the Shell (manga 1989; 1995 animated movie) illustrates well the though about human identity and AI when AI become aware of their existence. The main character has a human brain in a cybernetic body who works for a special anti-criminal unit. She has to stop the Puppet Master who has been […]

MoCap and VoCo in Video Game Law

I recently listened to an episode of Radiolab which covered the advancements of voice editing and motion capture (MoCap).It appears that technology has advanced to the point where it is possible, using only forty minutes of someone’s dialogue, to create fictional conversation using their voice. Moreover, visual technological advancement have also made it possible to […]

News of the Week; September 14, 2016

GAMES Plumb disappointing: 9th Circuit reinstates 2D-to-3D copyright claim: Direct Technologies, LLC v. Electronic Arts, Inc., Nos. 14-56266/14-56745 (9th Cir. Sept. 6, 2016) (Rebecca Tushnet) Sony nixes mod support on PS4: Bethesda says platform holder “will not approve user mods the way they should work” for Skyrim or Fallout 4 Bethesda Blames Sony as PS4’s […]

Study says it is good for kids to play video games Not sure if anyone is writing a paper (or hoping to) on the effects of video games on children, but this article discusses some of the benefits of video games on young people.  

Law-ification Presentation @ Full Indie Summit 2014

For anyone who wants my take on a broad variety of issues video game developers might be interested in, this video which is a bit over a year old (but only recently posted to YouTube) might be helpful. jon

Course Meme Presentations

Course Meme Presentations

During our first class I mentioned that past iterations of “Video Game Law” and “Legal Constraints on (Digital) Creativity” inspired a few ideas which will in one form or another insinuate themselves turned this years course. I promised to post consolidations of those ideas in case anyone wanted to have an advance peak. Here they […]