April 2014

News of the Week; April 30, 2014

1. Stanford Has a Videogame Controller That Knows if You’re Bored

2. New ESA Report Offers Stats Galore on American Gaming Trends

3. PC market has surpassed console – DFC

4. Women increasing representation among US gamers – ESA

5. Virtual rape and slavery scandal rocks Minecraft community

6. Playing with privilege: the invisible benefits of gaming while male

7. How Dota 2 manipulates your behavior

8. Yes, There are Old Atari Game Cartridges Buried in the Desert

9. Digging up meaning from the rubble of an excavated Atari landfill

10. People donated $100,571 to pay for a game about being a bear

11. Zynga Founder Leaves Daily Role at Struggling Game Maker

12. So you want to publish a game in China…

13. This guy thinks killing video game characters is immoral

14. Video Games That Embrace Irony and Death

15. Sharing joysticks: how video games are opening up to LGBT themes

16. Danish government releases geographic data by way of 1:1 Minecraft map

17. Growth grinds to a halt for Angry Birds’ maker

18. Whatever happened to the arcade-style sports video game?

19. Nintendo Is Sort of Warming Up to This “Internet” Thing

20. Government Buries Massive Trademark Overhaul in Budget Implementation Bill

21. Trademark change bad for business

22. The Digital Privacy Act: Protecting the economic interests of copyright holders, or opening the door to copyright trolling in Canada?

23. Appeals court deals Apple’s current case against Samsung a massive blow: key patent devalued

24. Two Rulings May Curb Lawsuits Over Patents

25. (Canadian) Government makes over a million requests a year for data from telecoms

26. Declassified FISC Order Shows Verizon Lost Challenge to NSA’s Mass Surveillance Program

27. Communications Privacy for and by Whom?

28. F.B.I. Informant Is Tied to Cyberattacks Abroad

29. Putin’s Fear of the Internet

30. Justices appear open to limits on cellphone searches

31. Football team settles suit over text messages to fans for $3 million

32. FCC to Release Draft Net Neutrality Rules in May  

33. Net Neutrality: A Guide to (and History of) a Contested Idea

34. Does Anyone Like the FCC’s Proposed Net Neutrality Rules?

35. U.S. Plan for Internet Fast Lanes Contrasts With European Rules

36. Different Regulations, Different Regulators: Behind Canada’s Net Neutrality Advantage

37. BitTorrent: Netflix should defeat ISPs by switching to peer-to-peer

38. RadiumOne’s All-Male Board Is Now Deciding Whether (or Not) to Dump CEO Over Domestic Violence Conviction

+ Here Is the RadiumOne CEO Gurbaksh Chahal Firing Statement


News of the Week; April 23, 2014

1. US v. SILVIUS, Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit 2014; mod chips conviction

2. King Settles Trademark Disputes With ‘CandySwipe’ and ‘The Banner Saga’ Makers

3. King Stock Bumped Up by Tencent Partnership

4. Candy Crush Gets Nationwide TV Ads in Japan, and They’re Super Weird

5. PS4 outsold Xbox One in March while Titanfall led software sales

6. It’s Official: Consoles Can Be Sold at Chinese Retail

7. China Details Copious Restrictions On Video Game Content

8. Sony sells all Square Enix stock

9. Perfect World to buy $100 million in Shanda shares

10. NCSoft Invests $4.8 Million in Lezhin Entertainment

11. For Zynga, a modest rebound would count as a win

12. Only 2.2% of free-to-play users ever pay – Report

13. My mother made me a gamer, and gave me the skills to deal with her death

14. How Minecraft is helping the United Nations improve the world

15. The Lawless Frontier of Deep Space: Code as Law in EVE Online

16. The Next Big Thing In Video Games: ‘Ethical’ Gaming

17. Tapping Into the Emotional Side of Video Games: Developing Hope, Healing and Love

18. The disappearing inventor (Blog entry by Ken Perlin on the real story of the origins of Oculus and the role of Mark Bolas of USC)

19. All Videogames Are a Joke

20. Telus must reimburse $2.6M in texting fees, court rules

21. Netflix Asks Appellate Court to Reconsider ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Ruling

22. For world’s biggest troll, first patent case ends up in tatters

23. Argument preview: Free TV, at a bargain price?

+ Why the Aereo Supreme Court case over TV’s future is too tough to call

+ Aereo analysis: Cloud computing at a crossroads

Here’s What the Supreme Court Wants to Know About Aereo, in the Justices’ Own Words

24. Copyright is Out of Control

25. Understanding the Crazy Math Apple and Samsung Use to Calculate Patent Damages

26. Record industry finds a new way to squeeze Pandora, but it won’t help musicians

27. When ‘Liking’ a Brand Online Voids the Right to Sue

After Facebook Flap, General Mills Backs Down From Forced Arbitration Policy

28. The Effect of Social Media in Young Girls

29. Facebook Wants You Talking About the World Cup — So Advertisers Can Find You

30. Amazon Sales Take a Hit in States With Online Tax

31. Protests Continue Against Dropbox After Appointment of Condoleezza Rice to Board

32. Preston-Warner Threatens Legal Action in Github Scandal Fallout

Julie Ann Horvath on GitHub Investigation: “How Do You Sleep at Night?”

33. Government of Canada proposes important changes to PIPEDA

34. Key differences between US and Canadian anti-spam laws

35. Big Data is the new Artificial Intelligence

36. Right of Publicity? First, Let Me Take a Selfie

37. Twitter’s Turkey Headache That Won’t End

38. China’s New Internet Crackdown: Not About Porn

39. Google Patents Contact Lenses That Contain Microcameras

40. Finally, Someone Acts Like An Adult: District Attorney Drops Charges Against Bullied Teen Who Recorded His Tormentors

41. Hollywood Sci-Fi Films Are Ripping Off Anime

42. Theories of intellectual property: Is it worth the effort?

43. Ignore age—define generations by the tech they use

44. The Rapture of the Nerds

45. Ethereum

Ethereum: Freenet or Skynet ?

46. How the Internet Is Taking Away America’s Religion


News of the Week; April 16, 2014

1. Legal battles shook Titanfall dev Respawn, report says

2. Halo composer fired “without cause”

3. Inside Eve Online’s Fear of a Russian Star Cluster

4. Spector aims to build “Navy SEALs of game development training”

5. How A Drexel Professor Created The World’s Biggest Game Of Tetris

6. Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, and Computing’s Next Big Reset

7. An oral history of the last 20 years of gaming, as told by PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida

8. PC gaming: Not just still alive, but still dominant, says PAX East panel

9. Fox Accidentally Releases Family Guy Game Early, ‘Fixes’ This By Issuing YouTube Copyright Claims And Killing Twitch Channels

10. ESA Responds to Column Comparing Drug Use and Slavery to Game Addiction

11. Dispute flares on why game addict killed son

12. Research: The Impact of Video Games on Teen School Grades is Almost Negligible

13. China’s Communist Party Publicly Shames Politicians for Online Gambling, Drinking, and Gaming

14.The game that saved a life

15. Traditional games are the real bait-and-switch – Cousins

16. Study finds that 0.22 percent of players account for 46 percent of mobile app revenue

17. Sony sells all Square Enix stock

18. SOE: One Player Has Already Made $100K Creating Items in Player Studio

19. Georgia Passes Law Providing $25 Million in Tax Credits to the Video Games Industry

20. Some Gamers Fear a Dystopian Free-to-Play Future

21. Philippines Government Investigating Leland Yee Gun Smuggling Allegations

22. The FBI Gamified the Hunt For One of Its Most Wanted

23. Supreme Court weighing when online speech becomes illegal threat

24. Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology

25. Court Declares That, Yes, Bloggers Are Media

26. ECJ declares Dutch home copying levies incompatible with EU law

27. Is Anonymous Texting Ethical?

28. After Netflix pays Comcast, speeds improve 65%

29. Top Android Executive Says Google Didn’t Copy Apple’s iPhone

30. Obama: NSA Must Reveal Bugs Like Heartbleed, Unless They Help the NSA

31. Why Heartbleed Is the Ultimate Web Nightmare

32.All sent and received e-mails in Gmail will be analyzed, says Google

33. Why the Digital Privacy Act Undermines Our Privacy: Bill S-4 Risks Widespread Warrantless Disclosure

34. 10 Charts That Are Changing the Way We Measure Content

35. You Knew This Day Would Come: Crowdfunding Site Raising Crowdfunding for Itself

36. Two Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Talk to Each Other & Get Into a Deep Philosophical Convseration

37. All rise: The era of legal startups is now in session



News of the Week; April 9, 2014

1. Video Game Store Owner Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion, Faces Five Years in Prison

2. Study: Games’ link to aggression comes from challenge, not violence

3. Ultimate Gay Fighter To Be Renamed After Legal Pressure

4. The Reality of Sexism in the Game Industry

5. Are Japanese women the future of its gaming?

6. Blizzard, trans clans, and the evolution of online harassment policy

7. Report: Russia Proposing Stricter Age Restrictions for Video Games and Web Sites

8. This War Of Mine turns war survivors’ tales into game design

9. TabTale: “We don’t believe in virtual currency for kids”

10. Regulatory and tax issues posed by Convertible Virtual Currencies

11. Computers Are Now Able to Teach Each Other Pac-Man, The End is Near

12. Last year, 71 million people watched other people play video games

13. Most Mobile Game Players Quit After One Day

14. Wargaming to Invest $10 Million in Support of eSports

15. Amazon Fire TV: A “nonevent” for games?

16. Ridley Scott is working on a Halo project for Microsoft

17. Xbox has landfill dig for Atari games approved

18. Microsoft will let you share Xbox One clips on YouTube starting tomorrow

19. How pinball and boardwalk amusements gave rise to video games

20. Mozilla’s Chief Felled by View on Gay Unions

21. Why Mozilla’s Chief Had to Resign

22. New California law extends additional protections to minors on the internet

23. Technology’s Man Problem

24. Supreme Court passes on NSA bulk phone surveillance case

25. EU high court strikes down metadata collection law

26. Illegal Spying: BCCLA files class action lawsuit against Canada’s electronic spy agency

27. Snowden Speaks: A Vanity Fair Exclusive

28. Turkey Lifts Twitter Ban

29. From Turkey’s ban to “Cuban Twitter”: How countries manipulate the masses on social media

30. Nearly Half Of Americans Claim They’ve Changed Their Behavior Due To NSA

31. U.S. Calls Out Canadian Data Protection as a Trade Barrier

32. E.U. Lawmakers Approve Tough ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules

33. 5 Privacy Laws I Would Put on the Books Right Now

34. Release of discussion draft on Action 1 (Tax Challenges of the Digital Economy) of the BEPS Action Plan

35. Royal Society of Canada says Wi-Fi appears safe, exposure limits fine

36. Court Quickly Rejects Contempt Motion Against Google By Innocence Of Muslims’ Actress

37. Aereo Gets Support from Cable Operators, Law Professors, Tech Industry

38. Competition Bureau Seeks Input on the Updated Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines

39. Never Use the Words “Intellectual Property” When It Matters

40. What’s New in Digital and Social Media Research: How editors see the news differently from readers, and the limits of filter bubbles

41. Why it is not possible to regulate robots

42. Automated ethics

43. The Internet of Things: Monopoly Capitalism vs. Collaborative Commons

44. Is Native Advertising Legal? Does It Matter?

45. The Guilt of the Video-game Millionaires

46. NBA star Jeremy Lin says DOTA 2 is “more than just a game”


News of the Week; April 2, 2014

1. The Times They Are a’Trollin’: World of Warcraft Wins Suit against Patent Trolls

2. PlayStation problems: no defense in Sony’s cyberattack suits

3. 3DRealms to Gearbox: ‘We Still Own Duke Nukem’

4. Epic’s goal: Don’t be Comcast

5. Is the Oculus Rift sexist?

6. Is The Oculus Rift Acquisition A PR Disaster For Kickstarter And Facebook?

7. Oculus founder didn’t expect “so many death threats” after Facebook deal

8. Is Facebook buying Oculus a boost for Morpheus?

9. Study finds online gamers aren’t antisocial basement dwellers

10. Free-to-play whales more rational than assumed

11. Console microtransactions: $352 million annually and growing

12. Games evangelists and naysayers

13. A Video Game Without Rules Inevitably Devolves Into Lord of the Flies

14. Was CCP right to ban this Eve Online player?

15. Banned Titanfall Players Can Still Play Online… With Other Cheaters

16. Violent Video Games Don’t Exist

17. Anti-Game Violence Crusader Leland Yee Arrested On Charges Of Bribery, Corruption And Arms Trafficking

18. A Lesson in Stupid Moral Panics: The History Of Dungeons And Dragons Bans

19. Goat Simulator review

20. EU approves UK games tax relief, signalling £188m windfall

21. App Maker Buckles on 1st Day of Trading

22. Inside the disintegration of a game jam reality show

23. EA’s Moore apologises for Frostbite prank

24. NSA performed warrantless searches on Americans’ calls and emails – Clapper

25. Don’t Listen to Google and Facebook: The Public-Private Surveillance Partnership Is Still Going Strong

26. Turkey Escalates Internet Blocking With YouTube Ban

27. Huawei on NSA: If foreign spies attacked a US firm, there’d be “outrage”

28. Google says government requests ‘up 120%’ in four years

29. Microsoft will no longer look through your Hotmail to investigate leaks

30. Activists to Appeal US Judge’s Ruling on Baidu’s Censorship

31. UK Court Says Information Stored Electronically Is Not ‘Property’

32. The inside story of MIT and Aaron Swartz

33. Supreme Court Seems Wary of Software Patent Case

34. Apple faces certified class action suit over e-book price conspiracy

35. Big Changes Coming to Canadian Trademark Law

36. The Canadian legal landscape in 3D scanning and printing: The next frontier of IP law

37. The rise of the API economy and consumer-led ecosystems

38. Op-ed: The legality of virtual currency

39. Old Rivalry Aired Again in Patent Case Between Apple and Samsung

40. Three Mozilla board members—including former CEOs—step down

41. At Mozilla, a Chief’s Support of Gay Marriage Ban Causes Conflict