Law 423B UBC Open Badges Project Survey

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The addition of badges to the Video Game Law website has no doubt been one of the more pleasant surprises of this academic season. It was only in late August 2014 that the possibility of the course being included in the Open Badges UBC Project even emerged. In that context it is perhaps a bit surprising and gratifying that Video Game Law became the first UBC course to implement a badging system on the website. Even better, given that badges and badging are not part of grading in the course it is wonderful how reinforcing the early results have been. They can be found in this post:

The Open Badges UBC Project now would like your help in providing additional feedback which may be useful to the UBC community and to the badges project moving forward. There are only 10 questions so it won’t take very much of your time.

Finally Erin Fields and David Vogt must be thanked for inviting our participation, as well as Associate Dean Benjamin Goold for supporting the idea. Will Engle, Novak Rogic and Richard Tape of the UBC Centre for Teaching Learning & Technology must be mentioned as the technological braintrust behind the project. Richard Tape in particular deserves to be called out for his passion and diligence in getting badges on-line for our course so incredibly quickly. Everyone has been wonderful to work with.

Thanks for participating in the badge project.