News of the Week; June 18, 2014

1. Nintendo Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit Appeal

2. How Apple TV might disrupt Microsoft and Sony

3. Research: ‘Polite’ Female and ‘Rude’ Male Gamers Accepted Most in Online Games

4. “Inclusivity always seems to end up on the cutting board”

Far Cry 4 to also skip playable female character due to workload

The Lady Killers

Animating the Ladies: Ubisoft fundamentally doesn’t get it

If Our Videogames Are Going to Be Sexist, Let’s at Least Be Honest About It

5. ‘Watch Dogs’ Video Game Will Inspire More ‘Godzilla Attack’ Road Sign Hacks, Says Cybersecurity Warning

6. Looking at Link Between Violent Video Games and Lack of Empathy

7. Kojima: Bigger budgets make authorship more difficult

8. Mobile games market to hit $28.9 billion by 2016 – Juniper

9. Game subsidies cut as Quebec slashes spending – report

10. The world’s largest video game collection sells for $750k at auction

11. Valve Bans CS: Go Community Content Creators for Using Copyrighted Artwork

12. Notch clarifies Minecraft EULA changes

13. The DNA of Candy Crush Saga and Other Successful Match-3 Games

14. The Golden Curve: Determining player value in freemium apps

15. Is Sony’s PS4 Eating Microsoft and Nintendo’s Lunch?

16. Capcom shareholders reject anti-takeover plan

17. Nordic Games Owns ‘THQ’ Trademark

18. New AFM deal with Microsoft is welcome news for game musicians

19. PS4, Xbox One seeing much higher digital download attach rates

20. Oops: Xbox Advertisement Results In Aaron Paul Turning On Your Console

21. The History of Mana: How an Austronesian Concept Became a Video Game Mechanic

22. Canadian Supreme Court Says Government Needs To Get A Warrant To Get Your Internet Info

Supreme Court Delivers Huge Victory for Internet Privacy & Blows Away Gov’t Plans for Reform

SCC protects Internet users’ expectation of privacy in online activities

23. Congressman asks NSA to provide metadata for “lost” IRS e-mails

24. Microsoft challenges US gov’t warrant to access overseas customer data

Apple, Cisco, AT&T join Microsoft in fight against global search warrant

25. Get a warrant for cell phone location tracking, US appeals court says

26. Global Deletion Orders? B.C. Court Orders Google To Remove Websites From its Worldwide Index

Equustek Solutions Inc. v. Jack

27. Clever piece of code exposes hidden changes to Supreme Court opinions

28. The Facebook War: Would taking down the social network justify a real-world attack?

29. Why Online Tracking Is Getting Creepier

30. We Need to Regulate Technology That Can Detect Your Emotions

31. Thoughts on Privacy: The right way forward.

32. AT&T Phone Records, Social Security Numbers Hacked

33. FCC Looking Into Netflix’s Complaints About Verizon, Comcast

FCC gets Comcast, Verizon to reveal Netflix’s paid peering deals

34. Apple Settles E-Book Pricing Antitrust Suit

35. Tesla will use patents to subvert patent system

36. New study suggests patent trolls really are killing startups

37. Amazon Got ‘Photography Against A White Background’ Patent Because CAFC Says Obvious Ideas Must Be Written Down

38. The tech industry’s God complex is getting out of control

39. Marc Andreessen and the Inevitability of Catastrophic Ideas

40. YouTube to block indie labels who don’t sign up to new music service

41. The Dark Side Of Facebook, Where People Lie, Steal, And Make Millions

42. Owning Digital Content

43. Winter Has Come for TV Advertising: YouTubers Are Getting More Viewers Than ‘Game of Thrones’

44. 7th Circuit confirms that Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain

45. Fair use decisionmaking

46. Hackers are the immune system for the information age

47. Iraqis Turn to Whisper to Circumvent Government’s Social Media Blackout