News of the Week; May 28, 2014

1. Zenimax Sues Oculus

+ Virtual Rift Leads to Legal Rift for Oculus and ZeniMax

2. Wolfenstein: The New Order clocks up 100,000 illegal downloads

3. Blizzard suing StarCraft II hackers

4. Nintendo Reveals Plan to ‘Share’ Revenue with YouTube ‘Let’s Play’ Video Makers

5. Timeline: The rise and fall of 38 Studios in Rhode Island

Caprio: Ratings agencies hands weren’t clean in 38 Studios deal

6. Former CEO of Atlus parent arrested for fraud

7. An Anti-Bullying Video Game Where Mean Kids Become Demons

8. Apple pulls Weed Firm from App Store

9. Vivendi sells another $850m in Activision Blizzard stock

10. Sony PlayStation Follows Microsoft Into China

Sony Forms Joint Ventures in China for PlayStation

11. Sony: PS4 “likely” to exceed profits earned from PS2

12. PCCC Video Compares Net Neutrality Proposal to ‘Laggy Video Games’

13. Why we behave like psychopaths in online games

14. Watch Dogs PR stunt causes evacuation of Australian news office

15. Darpa Turns Oculus Into a Weapon for Cyberwar

16. How One Video Game Became a Million-Dollar Professional Sport

17. Video games are the most fascinating medium ever created, David Cage says

18. Man Robs Bank, Buys Games at Walmart, Gets Caught

19. Meet The Man Who Keeps Making Up Fallout 4 Rumors

20. The domestication of digital games in the lives of older adults

21. “A Multiplayer Game Environment Is Actually a Dream Come True for an Economist”

22. 7 Gamecations for the Ultimate Nerdy Summer

23. Giants behaving badly: Google, Facebook and Amazon show us the downside of monopolies and black-box algorithms

24. Amazon Speaks on Hachette Book Battle: Everyone Negotiates Like We Do (Wink)

25. Why I’m ditching my Amazon account

26. Canada needs a royal commission on spying and privacy of Canadians

27. From Toews to Todd: The Unravelling of the Government’s Lawful Access Sales Strategy

28. ‘Gutted’ NSA reform bill passes the House, but sheds supporters

29. FBI withdraws national security letter following Microsoft challenge

30. China Pulls Cisco Into Dispute on Cyberspying

31Pentagon Report That Supposedly Shows How Much Harm Snowden Caused… Actually Shows No Such Thing

32. Government Seeks Seven-Month Sentence for LulzSec Leader ‘Sabu’

33. Google, Yahoo and others are getting fed up with government gag orders

34. Google’s Brin Says NSA Surveillance Revelations Were a “Huge Disappointment”

35. Facebook Wants To Listen In On What You’re Doing

36. E.U. Debates Which Nation Will Regulate Web Privacy

37. You Are Not a Digital Native: Privacy in the Age of the Internet

38. Twitter caves to Pakistani “blasphemy” censorship requests

39. Microsoft sues Siberian bank for copyright infringement

40. Legislation to Protect Against ‘Patent Trolls’ Is Shelved

41. An Open Letter on Feminism In Tech

42. Wake me up before you Indiegogo: legal issues with crowdfunding

43. Microsoft’s Skype “Star Trek” Language Translator Takes on Tower of Babel