News of the Week; April 16, 2014

1. Legal battles shook Titanfall dev Respawn, report says

2. Halo composer fired “without cause”

3. Inside Eve Online’s Fear of a Russian Star Cluster

4. Spector aims to build “Navy SEALs of game development training”

5. How A Drexel Professor Created The World’s Biggest Game Of Tetris

6. Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, and Computing’s Next Big Reset

7. An oral history of the last 20 years of gaming, as told by PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida

8. PC gaming: Not just still alive, but still dominant, says PAX East panel

9. Fox Accidentally Releases Family Guy Game Early, ‘Fixes’ This By Issuing YouTube Copyright Claims And Killing Twitch Channels

10. ESA Responds to Column Comparing Drug Use and Slavery to Game Addiction

11. Dispute flares on why game addict killed son

12. Research: The Impact of Video Games on Teen School Grades is Almost Negligible

13. China’s Communist Party Publicly Shames Politicians for Online Gambling, Drinking, and Gaming

14.The game that saved a life

15. Traditional games are the real bait-and-switch – Cousins

16. Study finds that 0.22 percent of players account for 46 percent of mobile app revenue

17. Sony sells all Square Enix stock

18. SOE: One Player Has Already Made $100K Creating Items in Player Studio

19. Georgia Passes Law Providing $25 Million in Tax Credits to the Video Games Industry

20. Some Gamers Fear a Dystopian Free-to-Play Future

21. Philippines Government Investigating Leland Yee Gun Smuggling Allegations

22. The FBI Gamified the Hunt For One of Its Most Wanted

23. Supreme Court weighing when online speech becomes illegal threat

24. Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology

25. Court Declares That, Yes, Bloggers Are Media

26. ECJ declares Dutch home copying levies incompatible with EU law

27. Is Anonymous Texting Ethical?

28. After Netflix pays Comcast, speeds improve 65%

29. Top Android Executive Says Google Didn’t Copy Apple’s iPhone

30. Obama: NSA Must Reveal Bugs Like Heartbleed, Unless They Help the NSA

31. Why Heartbleed Is the Ultimate Web Nightmare

32.All sent and received e-mails in Gmail will be analyzed, says Google

33. Why the Digital Privacy Act Undermines Our Privacy: Bill S-4 Risks Widespread Warrantless Disclosure

34. 10 Charts That Are Changing the Way We Measure Content

35. You Knew This Day Would Come: Crowdfunding Site Raising Crowdfunding for Itself

36. Two Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Talk to Each Other & Get Into a Deep Philosophical Convseration

37. All rise: The era of legal startups is now in session