News of the Week; March 12, 2014

1. Video game addiction? Court dings dad’s claim

2. South Park delayed in Germany, Austria over use of swastikas

3. DRAM makers reach $310 million settlement in price fixing suit

4. Female Representation in Desktop Dungeons

5. Tomb Raider finally beats profit expectations

6. Hard Empirical Evidence That Games Are Better Than Music

7. The Disappointment Of Video Game Guns

8. Playing games with violence

9. What today’s console makers can learn from the ’90s Sega vs. Nintendo battle

10. When A Successful Game Is A Failure

11. Kabam Acquires Role-Playing Game Studio Phoenix Age

12. King targets $7.6 billion valuation

13. The Flight of the Birdman: Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen Speaks Out

14. Nigeria seeks to conquer African video games market

15. Copyright v. privacy: Voltage Pictures LLC v. John DOE and Jane DOE

16. Court Blesses Instagram’s Right to Unilaterally Amend Its User Agreement–Rodriguez v. Instagram

17. Google States Unequivocally It Was ‘Attacked’ By The Chinese… And By The United States

18. Government Sues Sprint For Overcharging For Wiretaps Under CALEA

19. Why You Should Embrace Surveillance, Not Fight It

20. The Future of Internet Freedom

21. Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee calls for digital “Magna Carta”

22. Machinima raises $18m in Warner Bros funding round

23. Getty Images Decides It’s Mostly Better To Compete Than Sue, Frees Up Millions Of Images

24. A First Amendment defense to a right of publicity claim? No longer “a shoe in”

25. Danah Boyd Has a Message for Adults About Teen Behavior Online: It’s All Your Fault