News of the Week; January 29, 2014

1. Court overturns $11 million judgment for original Madden creator

2. Copyright Suit Over Second Life Terraforming Survives Summary Judgment, Then Settles — FireSabre v. Linden

3. Stoic: The Banner Saga Sequel Held Up By King Trademark Challenge

4. Candy Crush is everything that is wrong with trademark law

5. ‘Candy Crush Saga’ Creator Accused Of Cloning Indie Game

6. Nintendo vs Modchips

7. Report: Spy Agencies Collect Troves of Data From ‘Leaky Apps’ Like ‘Angry Birds’

8. “DayZ” Makes You Feel Every Murder You Commit. Can You Handle This?

9. Former Global VR CTO Sentenced to Two Years in Prison

10. Report: Funcom Under Investigation for Insider Trading

11. EA beats guidance as sales shrink, losses deepen

12. Report: Iranian Man Arrested by Government for ‘Kill Dictators’ Game on Kongregate

13. Japanese Vita Game ‘ Monster Monpiece’ Gets Toned Down for Europe and North America

14. A Holodeck Videogame Designed to Train Soldiers

15. Biggest battle in EVE Online’s history leads to an estimated $500,000 in damages

16. What Games Are: Generation Gygax

17. FTC: Microsoft and EA Are Not Breaking Any Laws With YouTube Paid Endorsement Schemes

18. Net Neutrality and Gaming: Things Can Get A Lot Worse

19. How online gamers are solving science’s biggest problems

20. Is emoji death threat a criminal offense? Possibly, law prof says

21. Apple Patent Explores Mood-Based Ad Targeting

22. What If Your Autonomous Car Keeps Routing You Past Krispy Kreme?

23. Chinese Internet Traffic Redirected to Small Wyoming House

24. Watchdog report offers harshest critique of NSA metadata program to date

25. Told Ya So: NSA’s Collection Of Metadata Is Screamingly Illegal

26. Snowden Docs Reveal British Spies Snooped on YouTube and Facebook

27. Spanish Court Orders an ISP to Disconnect a Copyright Infringer

28. Apple Wins Temporary Stay on Court Monitor

29. Europe’s Highest Court Says DRM Circumvention May Be Lawful In Certain Circumstances + Decision

30. Study of French “three strikes” piracy law finds no deterrent effect

31. Corporations Abusing Copyright Laws Are Ruining the Web for Everyone

32. A Brief History of Sampling: From the Beatles to the Beastie Boys

33. Here We Go Again: Canadian Recording Industry Calls on Government To Regulate the Internet

34. The Internet Is the Greatest Legal Facilitator of Inequality in Human History