News of the Week; January 22, 2014

1. Why did a SimCity offline option take so long?

2. Plastic surgery game removed from sale

3. Gaming Addiction Documentary ‘Love Child’ Debuts at the Sundance Film Festival

4. The Healing Power of Video Games

5. Dreamcasters: how video games alter our subconscious

6. Valve says virtual reality hardware could transform entertainment in two years

7. Stealth marketing: Microsoft paying YouTubers for Xbox One mentions

8. Could The (U.S.) Court’s Net Neutrality Ruling Affect Your Gaming?

9. Joint Namco-DeNA mobile venture to finish in March

10. Candy Crush maker King is a step closer to trademarking the word ‘Candy’

11. Some thoughts on game trademarks, King and Candy Crush

12. Google Remarketing Ads Found To Violate Canadian Privacy Law; To Revamp Ad Review System By June

13. The Problem with Facebook: “It’s Keeping Things From You”

14. NSA collects millions of text messages daily in ‘untargeted’ global sweep

15. Obama To End Mass Collection of U.S. Phone Data

16. Full Text of Obama’s Speech on NSA Surveillance

17. Obama’s Surveillance Reform Speech Draws Tepid Tech Response

18. Obama’s Path From Critic to Overseer of Spying

19. Guess Who Owns The Patent to RSA’s Backdoor Algorithm? Blackberry

20. America’s Spies Want Edward Snowden Dead

21. AMC movie theater calls “federal agents” to arrest a Google Glass user

22. What is the big brother problem? by Jonathan Zittrain

23. Why Alyssa Milano created a comic book tribute to Anonymous

24. Closing Time for the Open Internet

25. Copyright’s Not Getting its Job Done

26. Copyright Week: If We Want To Get Copyright Right, It’s Time To Go Back To Basics

27. Report: Japan to Tax Digital Goods from Foreign Sources in 2015

28. .CA Domain Names Held To Be Personal Property

29. Canada Says Bitcoin Isn’t Legal Tender

30. Why Bitcoin Matters