News of the Week; January 15, 2014

1. Court upholds findings in $9.2M Epic Games, Silicon Knights lawsuit

2. Why The Violent Game Debate Actually Isn’t Over

3. Nintendo Secures IA Labs Patents in Sherriff’s Sale

4. Schilling Attorney Claims New Documents Prove Rhode Island’s Lawsuit is ‘Baseless’

5. SimCity reversal: EA finally adding offline mode

6. China drafting new rules for consoles, disallows products ‘hostile to China’

7. Candy Crush Is Turning Children Into Obsessive Gamblers

8. Xbox 360 app made $1m in 4 months for Pizza Hut

9. Can an iPad Game Detect Alzheimer’s?

10. Federal Court of Justice bans ads for virtual items in online game – reasons for judgment available, but not final (Germany)

11. New Research Explores Why Some Players Cheat and Troll in Online Games

12. IGDA Applauds South Australian Government’s Decision to Take Down Anti-Videogame Billboards

13. 2013 for games on Kickstarter

14. Ethical Free-to-Play Game Design (And Why it Matters)

15. Intellectual Property Fosters Corporate Concentration

16. Top Ten Internet Law Developments Of 2013

17. Can an Emoticon be Protected as a Trademark?

18. Clickable Consent at Risk in Internet Privacy Lawsuits

19. LinkedIn Sues to Fend Off Content-Scraping Bots

20. Apple and Samsung Agree to Mediation in Patent Dispute

21. Is Uber’s Surge-Pricing an Example of High-Tech Gouging?

22. The REAL Real Problem with Facebook

23. No copyright on yoga: HC (India)

24. Federal Court in Virginia Court Says Domain Names Are Not Property, But Contractual Rights

25. Social Data by Woodrow Hartzog

26. The NSA Even Spies on Congress

27. A New Hampshire Rebellion for Aaron Swartz

28. On the anniversary of the death of Aaron Swartz, Anonymous hacks MIT again

29. Members Of Congress Ask Eric Holder To Try Again In His Explanation Of The Prosecution Of Aaron Swartz

30. European Report Says Canadian Privacy Law Should Be Re-Examined Due to Surveillance Activities

31. Court of Appeals Nullifies Part of FCC’s Open Internet Order

32. What you need to know about the court decision that just struck down net neutrality + Link to decision