News of the Week; October 9, 2013

1. Activision Blizzard Sues Worlds, Inc. for Patent Infringement

2. Nottingham Trent University Professor Dissects Video Game Research

3. Gamers committing war crimes should suffer ‘virtual consequences,’ says Red Cross

4. Russian government offers funding for “patriotic” games

5. Xbox One facial data from Kinect doesn’t leave the console

+ Microsoft offers differing takes on use of Kinect data for marketing

6. SimCity Kneecaps The Modding Community

7. Fan Communities and the Self-Regulation of Digital Creative Space

8. Research: Food Advergames Promote Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices to Children

9. Xbox Fitness: how Microsoft plans to use big names and big data to whip you into shape

10. Digital console revenue to surpass PC this year

11. Exciting Time for Privacy in Canada

12. B.C. elevator cases reveal the ups and downs of privacy rights

13. Lawsuit Accuses Google of Wiretapping in Gmail Scans

14. Selling Secrets of Phone Users to Advertisers

15. California enacts children’s online privacy legislation

16. 15 Technologies The Legacy Content Companies Have Sued In The Past 15 Years

17. Piracy Isn’t Killing The Entertainment Industry, Scholars Show

+ LSE Media Policy Brief 9 – “Copyright & Creation: A Case for Promoting Inclusive Online Sharing”

18. Dish Network, L.L.C. v. ABC: In Re Autohop Litigation (U.S. District Court N.Y.) – Court Decision

19. Sanctions loom large: Samsung execs were told all terms of secret Nokia-Apple patent license

20. Patent Troll Lodsys Dismisses Suit Against Kaspersky Labs Rather Than Go To Trial

21. Curtain Is Rising on a Tech Premiere With (as Usual) a Mostly Male Cast