News of the Week; May 1, 2013

1. SEGA, Gearbox sued in class action lawsuit over Aliens-CM:

2. Electronic Arts Faces Jury Trial Over ‘Madden NFL’:

3. Greenheart Games Trolls Pirates With Altered Cracked Version Of Game Dev Tycoon:

4. Experts – Chris Christie’s Video Game Proposals Would Face Uphill Legal Battles

5. In Defense of Violent Video Games:

6. Scientology Spoof Takes Grand Theft Auto V Ads Viral:

7. Is the end near for used video games?

8. Riot: Don’t ban your players, reform them:

9. GTFO: Don’t film the trolls:

10. IDC expects paying mobile gamers to pass paying handheld gamers this year:

11. Court Rules in Artist’s Favor:

+ Appropriation Artist Richard Prince Prevails Against Photographer at Appeals Court:

+ USCA decision in Patrick Cariou v. Richard Prince, et al.:

12. Court Ruling Takes a Stand on Essential High-Tech Patents:

13. Google Transparency Report shows censorship spike, details takedown requests:

14. Pushing the boundaries of copyright protection? Card, board and football games:

15. Disruptions: Brain Computer Interfaces Inch Closer to Mainstream: