News of the Week; Feb. 13, 2013

1. Judge Dismisses Axl Rose’s Lawsuit (“Guitar Hero lll”):

2. Copyright Explained Musically:

3. When Video Games Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Funs:

Growing Up Or Just Getting Old?: David Cage is a poor figurehead for industry evolution – but that doesn’t make his arguments invalid:

5. Issues Gamers Should Think About:

6. Court clarifies balance between copyright and freedom of expression in the UK:

7. Peer Progress and Regulation 2.0:

8. Lawsuit Over Video Game Rights Might Kill The NCAA But Not The System:

9. A Court Is About To Determine The Fate Of Software Patents And The Implications Are Massive:

10. The IPKat: Australian High Court says that Google Adwords is neutral:

11. Technology & Marketing Law Blog: Newspaper Not Liable for Moderated Online Reader Comments–Gains v. Romkey:

12. EFF to defend against troll with “podcasting patent”—granted in 2012:

13. Everything Is Infringement:

14. List of IP paper downloads on Written Description:

15. JFK Space Center Plans Angry Birds Exhibit for Spring:

And in the not really relevant category:

16. Judge rules that it’s illegal to sell custom Batmobiles because the Batmobile is itself a fictional character: