News of the Week; Feb. 6, 2013

1. ‘Spacewar!’ The story of the world’s first digital video game:

2. What is the government’s interest in copyright? Not that of the public. – Copyright Librarian:

3. Patent Assertion Entities: Six Actions the Antitrust Agencies Can Take by Michael Carrier: SSRN:

4. Something to look forward to, er, in 2013+1:

5. North Korean Propaganda Video Uses MW3 Footage, Gets Pulled by YouTube After Activision Complaint:

6. EFF to help defend against troll with “podcasting patent”—granted in 2012: Personal Audio has made a name for itself suing Apple, Samsung, RIM, and others:

7. Data Protection Laws, an Ocean Apart:

8. Microsoft Attacks Google on Gmail Privacy:

9. @gamerlaw: WOW RT @BenjaminCousins: Valve are the 4th largest bandwidth consumer in the world:

10. Edinburgh researchers first to 3D-print with human embryonic stem cells:

11. WHY AARON DIED by TarenSK:

12. Opinion: Changing the terms of the violent video game debate:

And in the not really relevant category:

13. Applebee’s Overnight Social Media Meltdown: A Photo Essay | R.L. Stollar: