June 2014

News of the Week; June 25, 2014

1. Nintendo loses UK patent ruling to Philips

The indefiniteness of Father’s Day fun – Triton Tech of Texas v. Nintendo of America

After losing patent suit, Nintendo plans appeal

2. Social media class actions buy the Farm(ville): Ninth Circuit dismisses consumer claims against Zynga and Facebook for sharing user information with advertisers

3. Net neutrality the biggest issue facing games – Lanning

4. “Gamers are not criminals and they do not need DRM”

5. Spy Satellite Agency Wants to Utilize ‘Video game Technology’ for Improving Data Collection

6. Witcher 3 Design Documents Stolen, Leaked on Reddit

7. EA Looking Into Possible ‘False’ Bans in Battlefield 3

8. Ubisoft Comments on ‘Watch Dogs’ PC Mod

9. Ubisoft: Future Protagonists Will be More Diverse

10. How Making Games Helped Her Deal With Evil

11. How video games can affect adolescent brains

12. As game players diversify, developers start to rethink the stars of their games

13. Here’s how exploitative Minecraft servers can be

14. What Nintendo’s Top Game Creators Think Of Minecraft

15. EZK’s Take on Fair Use and Let’s Play Videos

16. Game software market to hit $100 billion by 2018 – DFC

17. IGDA: Over Half of Developers Surveyed Think Unions are a Good Idea

18. Crytek misses payroll for months – Report

19. Ubisoft responds to Quebec tax relief cuts

20. Xbox head on stand-alone Kinect: They’ll buy it

21. HB Studios: No licenses, no problem

22. How indie film financing could shape the future of games

23. What Are eSports? A Pro Videogaming Guide for the Rest of Us

24. Huh: School Offering Real League Of Legends Scholarship

25. The Kiss That Changed Video Games

26. How A Seemingly Impossible Game Is Possible

27. The five most disruptive ideas in video game design

28. Linden Lab is building a spiritual sequel to Second Life

29. Doing it wrong: World of Warcraft player grinds to max level by picking herbs in training level

30. Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo in Broadcasters’ Challenge

ABC v. Aereo (SCOTUS decision)

Statement from Aereo CEO and Founder Chet Kanojia on United States Supreme Court Decision

31. Canada’s New Trademarks Act Receives Royal Assent

32. Super Kat-Exclusive: here’s Commission’s draft White Paper on EU copyright

33. Of Course Tesla Wasn’t Just Being Altruistic In Opening Up Its Patents: That’s The Whole Point!

34. Chromebook Buyers Upset at Cutoff of Promised Free Data

Google gives $150 apology to Chromebook owners deprived of Verizon data

35. That Story You’ve Read About YouTube ‘Blocking’ Indie Artists… Yeah, That’s Not Accurate

36. (U.S) Supreme Court Recognizes Limits in Software Patentability

Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank (decision)

Computer-Implemented Inventions: Ideas That Are Fundamental Truths And Generically Implemented Are Not Patent Eligible

37. Bill S-4 Passes Senate, Despite Supreme Court Ruling Against Warrantless Access

38. Major Ruling Shields Privacy of Cellphones: (U.S.) Supreme Court Says Phones Can’t Be Searched Without a Warrant

39. Privacy and surveillance: 8 things every Canadian should know

40. House votes 293-123 to cut funding for NSA spying on Americans

41. British government ‘breaking law’ in forcing data retention by companies: EU directive overturned in April but UK continues to make telecoms and internet firms comply with legislation

42. Exposed: Massive mobile malware network used by cops globally

43. BuzzFeed is Watching You

44. Canadian Court Asserts the Right to Censor Google Results Around the World

45. Dating site violated Canadian privacy law by continuing to use former customer’s personal information without consent

46. The richest man in Vegas has declared war on internet gamblers

47. Rights holders can control resale of digital content that is not software, rules German court

48. The Disruption Machine: What the gospel of innovation gets wrong.

49. These Haptic Gloves Can Teach Your Brain Skills Even When You’re Not Paying Attention


News of the Week; June 18, 2014

1. Nintendo Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit Appeal

2. How Apple TV might disrupt Microsoft and Sony

3. Research: ‘Polite’ Female and ‘Rude’ Male Gamers Accepted Most in Online Games

4. “Inclusivity always seems to end up on the cutting board”

Far Cry 4 to also skip playable female character due to workload

The Lady Killers

Animating the Ladies: Ubisoft fundamentally doesn’t get it

If Our Videogames Are Going to Be Sexist, Let’s at Least Be Honest About It

5. ‘Watch Dogs’ Video Game Will Inspire More ‘Godzilla Attack’ Road Sign Hacks, Says Cybersecurity Warning

6. Looking at Link Between Violent Video Games and Lack of Empathy

7. Kojima: Bigger budgets make authorship more difficult

8. Mobile games market to hit $28.9 billion by 2016 – Juniper

9. Game subsidies cut as Quebec slashes spending – report

10. The world’s largest video game collection sells for $750k at auction

11. Valve Bans CS: Go Community Content Creators for Using Copyrighted Artwork

12. Notch clarifies Minecraft EULA changes

13. The DNA of Candy Crush Saga and Other Successful Match-3 Games

14. The Golden Curve: Determining player value in freemium apps

15. Is Sony’s PS4 Eating Microsoft and Nintendo’s Lunch?

16. Capcom shareholders reject anti-takeover plan

17. Nordic Games Owns ‘THQ’ Trademark

18. New AFM deal with Microsoft is welcome news for game musicians

19. PS4, Xbox One seeing much higher digital download attach rates

20. Oops: Xbox Advertisement Results In Aaron Paul Turning On Your Console

21. The History of Mana: How an Austronesian Concept Became a Video Game Mechanic

22. Canadian Supreme Court Says Government Needs To Get A Warrant To Get Your Internet Info

Supreme Court Delivers Huge Victory for Internet Privacy & Blows Away Gov’t Plans for Reform

SCC protects Internet users’ expectation of privacy in online activities

23. Congressman asks NSA to provide metadata for “lost” IRS e-mails

24. Microsoft challenges US gov’t warrant to access overseas customer data

Apple, Cisco, AT&T join Microsoft in fight against global search warrant

25. Get a warrant for cell phone location tracking, US appeals court says

26. Global Deletion Orders? B.C. Court Orders Google To Remove Websites From its Worldwide Index

Equustek Solutions Inc. v. Jack

27. Clever piece of code exposes hidden changes to Supreme Court opinions

28. The Facebook War: Would taking down the social network justify a real-world attack?

29. Why Online Tracking Is Getting Creepier

30. We Need to Regulate Technology That Can Detect Your Emotions

31. Thoughts on Privacy: The right way forward.

32. AT&T Phone Records, Social Security Numbers Hacked

33. FCC Looking Into Netflix’s Complaints About Verizon, Comcast

FCC gets Comcast, Verizon to reveal Netflix’s paid peering deals

34. Apple Settles E-Book Pricing Antitrust Suit

35. Tesla will use patents to subvert patent system

36. New study suggests patent trolls really are killing startups

37. Amazon Got ‘Photography Against A White Background’ Patent Because CAFC Says Obvious Ideas Must Be Written Down

38. The tech industry’s God complex is getting out of control

39. Marc Andreessen and the Inevitability of Catastrophic Ideas

40. YouTube to block indie labels who don’t sign up to new music service

41. The Dark Side Of Facebook, Where People Lie, Steal, And Make Millions

42. Owning Digital Content

43. Winter Has Come for TV Advertising: YouTubers Are Getting More Viewers Than ‘Game of Thrones’

44. 7th Circuit confirms that Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain

45. Fair use decisionmaking

46. Hackers are the immune system for the information age

47. Iraqis Turn to Whisper to Circumvent Government’s Social Media Blackout


News of the Week; June 11, 2014

1. Activision Blizzard CEO must face lawsuit over $8.2-billion buyout

2. NCAA Settles Video Game Lawsuit

3. Marty O’Donnell files lawsuit against Bungie for unpaid benefits

4. Nintendo Shuts Down European HQ, Lays Off 130

5. Snatching Atari Back From the Grave, Again

6. Video Games Developed and Published in Canada Central to 2014 E3 Expo

7. E3 2014: EA talks of “commitment to put players first”

8. Mattrick: Zynga left its lunchbox unattended

9. Girly video games: rewriting a history of pink

10. Aisha Tyler on Race, Sexism and Video Games (Q&A)

11. No female Assassin’s Creed characters a “reality of development”

Assassin’s Creed’s female problems: Devs respond

12. Ubisoft, NIS America, and OUYA Support GaymerX

13. Award-winning game composer takes musicians union to task

14. FCC considers net neutrality rules, could impact video game industry

15. Study: Gamers are more educated, more social than the people who make fun of them

16. Guantanamo Prisoners Get to Play Video Games in a Recliner — While Being Force-Fed

17. Swedish Government’s ‘Democreativity’ Reveals First Round of Games

18. Why Would Google Want to Buy Video-Game Livestreaming Site Twitch?

19. Super Evil Megacorp Raises $15 Million to Prove Mobile Gaming Can Be Hardcore

20. Oculus signs exclusive content from Words With Friends creator

21. What Oculus Rift and virtual reality mean for sex, death, violence, and identity

22. How People Are Wired to Connect: The startling parallels between human social groups and online video games 

23. Privacy Class Action Against Facebook Certified by BC Court

B.C.’s Privacy Act trumps jurisdiction selection clause

24. Texas Appeals Court Vacates Order Commanding Google To Hunt Down Third Party Content And Destroy It

25. Apple starts banning apps that reward video views and social sharing

26. Telecom giant Rogers got 175,000 info requests from government

Rogers’ Shocking Admission: It Does Not Track Disclosures of Subscriber Information to Authorities

27. Microsoft fights U.S. search warrant for customer e-mails held in overseas server

28. Ars tests Internet surveillance—by spying on an NPR reporter

29. Vodafone Says Some Governments Have Direct Access to Eavesdrop

30. US Secret Service wants software to “detect sarcasm” on social media

31. Google will flag search results erased due to “right to be forgotten”

32. Yes, Verizon Is At Fault In Netflix Dispute; It’s Not Delivering What It Sold Customers

33. The best explanation of net neutrality and why it matters, ever, period.

34. Public Responds Negatively to FCC’s Net Neutrality Proposal

35. Google, the fight to forget, and the right to remember

36. Google’s university book scanning can move ahead without authors’ OK

USCA decision in Author’s Guild Inc. v. HathiTrust

37. The Samuelson Clinic releases “Is it in the Public Domain?” handbook

38. EU Court Of Justice: Just Viewing Stuff Online Isn’t Infringing On Copyright

39. Okkervil River Responds to Don Henley: Copyright Laws Kill Art

40. Should you have a right to sell your ebooks and digital music?

41. E.U. to Launch Formal Investigation Into Apple’s Irish Tax Deal

42. Cat Videos, Binge TV Watching Will Account for 84 Percent of Internet Traffic, Cisco Says

43. Netflix to Verizon: Nope, Your Congested Pipes Are Still Your Fault

44. Theater chain bans Google Glass

45. Your Personality Type, Defined by the Internet

46. The Forgotten Firsts: 10 Vintage Versions of Modern Technology


News of the Week; June 4, 2014

1. Lawyers win big in Electronic Arts college sports settlement

2. Honda Jet Removed from ‘FlightGear’ After Trademark Complaint

3. Creator Of Flappy Bird Clone Claims His Duplication Is Covered By Trademark

4. Uplay’s Poor Performance Affecting ‘Watch Dogs’ and Other Games on Multiple Platforms

5. This Woman Was Threatened With Rape After Calling Out Sexist Video Games—and Then Something Inspiring Happened

6. Riot Bans Two Pro ‘League of Legends’ Players

7. Gamers Bullying Jewish Students Online

8. Fired Community Manager Says He Was A Victim Of ‘Outrage Culture’

9. When geopolitics meets the game industry. A study of Arabic video games and what they teach us

10. Why did Fox and Murphy sign ‘non-disclosure agreements’ with 38 Studios?

11. Protestors Tell RI Lawmakers: Don’t Bail Out 38 Studios

12. EA Shutters Warhammer Online Developer Mythic

13. U.K. Rag Tries To Link Teen Suicides With Call of Duty

Everyone Agrees They Don’t Know Why Teenager Committed Suicide, So Helpful Coroner Shouts Video Games

14. Glen Beck Criticizes ‘Watch Dogs’

15. Newzoo Report Predicts Global Gaming Revenue of Over $100 Billion by 2017

16. Take-Two CEO skeptical of Oculus’ broad appeal

17. The Next Eminem/Activision Deal: How Big Data Can Reinforce Gut Instincts

18. eSports viewing nearly doubled in 2013 as games-watching fanbase grew

19. Technology And Video Games Make Kids Think Differently About Old Questions

20. How to Dig Up a Landfill: The history, hurdles and local politics behind the search for E.T.

21. Arcadia, a Love Story

22. Why has the Canadian government given up on protecting our privacy?

23. Critics decry new Privacy Commissioner’s appointment

24. Snowden: NSA Revealed Only One Email, Shows NSA Lied Before

25. The Top 5 Claims That Defenders of the NSA Have to Stop Making to Remain Credible

26. The NSA Intercepts Millions of Images per Day for Facial Recognition

27. Anonymous No More: Sabu Walks

28. Google Starts Taking Removal Requests for EU ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Law

Google Got 12,000 Requests To Be ‘Forgotten’ In The Service’s First Day

Google inundated with “right to be forgotten” requests

29. A “right to be forgotten” in Canada?

30. U.S. patent troll bill unsuccessful – what is the situation in Canada?

31. (U.S.) Supreme Court: To Be Valid, Patent Claims Must Provide Reasonable Certainty Regarding the Claim Scope

32. FCC comment site breaks after comedian asks trolls to fight “fast lanes”

33. Is Some Tech Too Addictive?

34. Is Nvidia Playing Fair With Their New Development Tools?

35. Cryptocurrency!

36. Don’t Fear the Network: The Internet Is Changing the Way We Communicate for the Better

37. The real 10 algorithms that dominate our world

38. He Said, He Said: the Comcast-Netflix Edition

39. Netflix Loves Big Data, But Won’t Use It To Make TV Shows

40. In a Reversal, Kickstarter Largely Ditches Rules and Human Moderation Requirements

41. Silicon Valley vs. Hollywood: Clash of the Corporate Cultures

42. Data Vs. Creativity: The Content Marketer’s False Choice