Microsoft XBox Panned for Virtual Thefts, Disputed Charges

take a look at this CBC article from March 25, 2013, that deals with “virtual theft” of a young gamer’s players that he purchased on-line.  Our own Professors Jon Festinger and Joel Baken of UBC Law also provide some expert commentary on this situation. link:

Your Children are not Your Children: Why NYT public editor is Wrong on Children’s Right to Privacy

“Your Children are not Your Children: Why NYT public editor is Wrong on Children’s Right to Privacy” by Zeynep Tufekci is a must read after our class this past week. Ordinarily would just include in the weekly News of the Week round-up. However this piece deserves special mention at the very least for its relevant […]

Intel Web TV & Privacy

Intel Web TV & Privacy

Following up on our class discussions Wednesday, Alan Bruggeman sent up this story with video in the link suggesting that we watch especially 7:40 – 12:12. jon (for Alan)

Week 11

Week 11

Jon’s Talk March 20, 2013: “Controlling the Controllers” Download the PowerPoint Slides   

News of the Week; March 20,2013

1. Nintendo found guilty of patent infringement over glasses-free 3DS technology: 2. Major vulnerability in EA’s Origin platform lets hackers overtake PCs: 3. Defeating mobile game clones: Why copyright protection is not enough: 4. Research: Playing Shooters Improves Visual Search: 5. Video Games and Societal Violence: Cause for Urgent Action or a Bridge Too Far?: […]

Comments on March 20th

A couple of comments re our class today. 1. We talked about Netflix using personal information to create House of Cards and whether this was okay. For both practical and legal reasons, I think an important consideration is whether Netflix is using your information in a reasonable way. For me, I think it is reasonable […]

Alan Bruggeman of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment division speaking this week…and some preparatory reading

Alan Bruggeman is a Senior Attorney in Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment division. At Microsoft, Alan has provided legal counsel on a variety of entertainment devices and services, including the Xbox 360 console and accessories, the now-defunct (but still awesome) Zune media player, Microsoft Studios, and Xbox LIVE. Prior to his work at Microsoft, Alan worked as […]

“Law School” (Payphone by Maroon 5 Parody) by Chocolate Ghost House

Could go on and on explaining how this video relates to our course by way of the legal issues around mods, parody, machinima and user created content. But that wouldn’t fool you, would it? Watch & enjoy… jon

Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition

Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition

Following up on this week’s class, here is an example of an inspired dad. He modded Donkey Kong in response to a question from his 3 year old daughter. Now the Princess saves Mario…. jon

The Resources Page

You may have noticed a “Resources” button now added to the top menu. It itself divides into a series of subsections: Copyright & IP; Freedom of Speech & Expression; Privacy & Social Issues; Web & Online Content; International; & Technology & Hardware. There is also a link to Electronic Reserve Materials available to students in […]