News of the Week; August 30, 2017

GAMES Atari Sues Nestle Over A KitKat Commercial With An Homage To ‘Breakout’ Judge tosses case brought by Magic: the Gathering judge who wants to be paid – “The complaint makes clear that Defendant’s program is purely voluntary.” Mass Effect takes a dirt nap: Mismanaged since poor decisions on Mass Effect 3, one of EA’s big franchises […]

News of the Week; August 23, 2017

GAMES Give me a break: Atari suing Nestle over alleged Breakout-themed Kit Kat ads Atari sues Nestle, says Kit Kat video game ad violates Breakout copyright: Candy ad plays off Breakout, “an icon of early Silicon Valley ingenuity.” Atari in transition: From Speakerhats and gambling to LGBT dating apps and movies, CEO Fred Chesnais has aspirations for the legacy […]

News of the Week; August 16, 2017

GAMES Retired Dutch soccer player wins lawsuit against Riot Games Former footballer Edgar Davids wins lawsuit against Riot Games: Judge rules that League of Legends developer used Davids’ likeness for Striker Lucian skin Take-Two argues fair use in NBA 2K tattoo lawsuit: Eventual ruling may have an impact on ownership laws around the video game […]

News of the Week; August 9, 2017

GAMES Stephen K. Bannon once guided a global firm that made millions helping gamers cheat EA and Take-Two say Trump administration is harming the games industry: “There is a constant shortage of qualified, high-skilled labour within our industry” EA’s upcoming NBA Live will mark the video game debut of the WNBA Alleged misuse of children’s data lands […]

News of the Week; August 2, 2017

GAMES Rockstar sued by owners of Miss Cleo – Psychic Readers Network claims GTA: Vice City character voiced by Miss Cleo actress infringed on rights to TV psychic persona Pokemon Go Fest attendees sue Niantic: Class-action suit filed by fans seeking reimbursement of travel costs to disappointing Chicago event Pokemon Go Fest’s blunders result in […]

News of the Week; July 26, 2017

GAMES Augmented reality wins big in 1st Amendment legal flap: Pokemon Go craze prompted a Wisconsin county to regulate AR game play. Location-based augmented reality games now protected by First Amendment: US judge rules it unconstitutional for laws to block where AR titles may be played Judge Rules Milwaukee Flouted U.S. Constitution in Response to ‘Pokemon […]

News of the Week; July 19, 2017

GAMES Tackling mobile’s “game cloning” issue: Riot Games is trying to prevent League of Legends being ripped off by a cloning outfit, but is there more that store operators could do to protect creators? Moonton Responds To Copyright Infringement Suit From Riot Games By Threatening The Press With Lawsuits Pixelmon Minecraft mod shut down: The […]

News of the Week; July 12, 2017

GAMES Singer Suing Bethesda Over Use Of His Music In “Repugnant” Fallout 4 Commercial: The musician finds the ads to be “repugnant and morally indefensible.” Riot files suit against alleged League of Legends mobile clone maker Riot Games suing Chinese developer behind League of Legends clone: Lawsuit is reportedly the third time Shanghai Moonton has infringed Riot’s […]

News of the Week; July 5, 2017

GAMES Tencent imposing time limits on children to allay addiction fears Tencent implements time limits to curb kids’ gaming addictions: Honour of Kings players under 12 restricted to one hour per day, two for under 18s Tencent: Honor of Kings restrictions won’t hurt game revenue – “Under 12 years old constitute a small proportion of […]

News of the Week; June 28, 2017

GAMES Texas judge calls for an end to Oculus and ZeniMax’s “big, hairy fight”: Injunction hearing started this week, with Zenimax asking for $500 million additional damages and a 20% cut of Oculus’ revenue Facebook Fights to Prevent Oculus Rift Sales Ban Rockstar clarifies Grand Theft Auto V modding policy Rockstar: GTA single-player mods are “generally” safe […]