News of the Week; March 14, 2018

GAMES White House meeting over violent video games accomplished little, say attendees  Opinion: Trump’s video game ‘summit’ reminds us who the enemy is Trump’s Video Game Summit: Developers On One Side, Partisan Hack Puritan Cosplayers On The Other After industry meeting, Trump highlights alleged game violence effects: Democrats accuse president of using games to “change […]

News of the Week; March 7, 2018

GAMES Clicker Heroes maker compares new lawsuit from “patent troll” to extortion: “It’s as if someone walked into my home with a knife and asked me for $35,000.” Teen Who Made A Dumb School Shooting Joke On Snapchat Ordered By Judge To Not Play Violent Video Games Judge bars student from violent games after alleged shooting […]

News of the Week; February 28, 2018

GAMES Star Control devs file counterclaim against Stardock over IP ownership Star Control countersuit aims to invalidate Stardock’s trademarks: Stardock claims Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III didn’t even create the classic games. Twitch Interactive, Inc. v. Justin Johnston, Et Al. Trump decries violent games after school shooting: US president raises concerns about the internet, games, and […]

News of the Week; February 21, 2018

GAMES Gameloft facing lawsuit from outsourcing firm over copyright infringement Outsourcer suing Gameloft over Asphalt assets and trade secrets: Vietnamese studio Glass Egg claims employees created assets without company’s knowledge Despite increased downloads, Gameloft sees drop in daily and monthly average users European regulator: Nintendo’s strict eShop refund policy is unlawful After 600 days of […]

News of the Week; February 14, 2018

GAMES Steam Purges Developer’s Games After Finding Manipulated Review Scores Valve bans developer after employees leave fake user reviews: Insel Games CEO encouraged employees to write reviews for its own game. Maltese publisher banned from Steam for review fixing Google removes 77 percent of Game Dev Tycoon’s positive reviews Game Dev Tycoon loses 77% of positive Google […]

Au revoir to the 10th cohort of Video Game Law….

  As we approach reading week, it’s high time that I thank the 10th cohort of the course. There was lots to be impressed by. Your support of each other. Your commitment to really going deep on the legal questions. Your heartfelt efforts in class presentations. Ultimately what moved me the most was how you […]

News of the Week; February 7, 2018

GAMES Valve suspends Counter-Strike co-creator after arrest for sexual exploitation of a child Valve Suspends Counter-Strike Co-Creator Following Disturbing Allegations: Cliffe has been suspended “until we know more,” says Valve. Counter-Strike’s Jess Cliffe arrested for sexual exploitation of a child: Co-creator of classic first-person shooter suspended by Valve until more is known of charges Counter-Strike Co-Creator Charged […]

News of the Week; January 31, 2018

GAMES Twitch wins $1.3m lawsuit against view bots: California judge orders bot makers to shut down and pay damages to leading streaming platform Twitch viewbot makers ordered to pay nearly $1.4 million in lawsuit loss: Twitch filed a lawsuit against several botmakers in 2016, accusing them of reducing the quality of the service. New Twitch […]

News of the Week; January 24, 2018

GAMES Court rules illegal bot makers must pay $1.3 million to Twitch Judge Orders Makers Of Illegal Bots To Pay Twitch $1.3 Million It Kind Of Looks Like Crytek Sued Star Citizen Developer By Pretending Its Engine License Says Something It Doesn’t Legal Analysis of the ESL Genting Situation & DMCA Athletes’ Right of Publicity […]

News of the Week; January 17, 2018

GAMES Nintendo sues mobile developer Colopl over patent infringement Twitch takes legal action following spambot incident: Brandan Lukus Apple faces “mischief in relation to computer data” charge over 150,000 spam messages across 1,000 channels Photographer sues IGN over Pokémon GO Photo Suspect in deadly Kansas “swatting” hoax charged with manslaughter: An online dispute over Call of […]