News of the Week; September 21, 2016

GAMES McRO, INc. v. Bandai Namco Games America: Federal Circuit Revives Software Patents Held Ineligible Two YouTubers charged with promoting FIFA game gambling site to minors YouTube star charged over ‘FIFA’ game betting: He and another video producer allegedly broke UK law by promoting video game bets. Steam pulls Digital Homicide games following fan lawsuit: Indie studio […]

News of the Week; September 14, 2016

GAMES Plumb disappointing: 9th Circuit reinstates 2D-to-3D copyright claim: Direct Technologies, LLC v. Electronic Arts, Inc., Nos. 14-56266/14-56745 (9th Cir. Sept. 6, 2016) (Rebecca Tushnet) Sony nixes mod support on PS4: Bethesda says platform holder “will not approve user mods the way they should work” for Skyrim or Fallout 4 Bethesda Blames Sony as PS4’s […]

News of the Week; September 7, 2016

GAMES Lindsay Lohan Loses ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Lawsuit Lindsay Lohan sets lawyers on Grand Theft Auto 5 – Update: Judge dismisses Lohan’s case Sorry Lindsay Lohan, Grand Theft Auto Vis satirizing you, court rules: Satirical representation is protected under the Constitution, court says. Lindsay Lohan’s Grand Theft Auto lawsuit rules in Rockstar’s favour: Court considers GTA5 […]

News of the Week; August 31, 2016

GAMES New lawsuit targets Steam, alleges patent infringement Steam Targeted in Lawsuit for Alleged Patent Infringement Japanese truck driver playing Pokemon Go kills pedestrian: Popular game now detects speed increase, asks if player is driving, company says Pokemon Go Takes Distracted Driving to a Lethal Level French Education minister: Get rare Pokémon out of our […]

News of the Week; August 24, 2016

GAMES ‘NBA 2K’ Videogame Publisher Wants Judgment Allowing Use of Player Tattoos 6th Circuit rejects college players’ Lanham Act, ROP claims: Marshall v. ESPN, No. 15-5753 (6th Cir. August 17, 2016) (Rebecca Tushnet) Nintendo Shuts Down Fan Remake Of 25 Year Old Metroid 2 Game Because It Can’t Help Itself Nintendo nets $661 million from Seattle […]

News of the Week; August 17, 2016

GAMES League of Legends maker goes to court to stop cheat programs: Riot says LeagueSharp “ruins the game… for players that take [it] seriously.” Riot takes aim at League of Legends cheating software in new lawsuit Riot sues League of Legends cheat-makers: Developer goes after hackers behind LeagueSharp subscription service “dedicated to destroying the LoL player experience” Riot […]

News of the Week; August 10, 2016

GAMES New York Makes Playing Pokemon Go, Other Online Games A Sex Offender Parole Violation Pokemon Go legislation puts ESA in a tight spot: Will the industry side with sex offenders or risk legislators hobbling a new market just as it gets going? Pokemon Company Threatens Pokemon Go API Creator With CFAA Lawsuit Pokémon Go […]

News of the Week; August 3, 2016

GAMES 2K Sports scores partial victory in bizarre tattoo copyright lawsuit: Who owns the ink in another person’s skin? Failure to Register LeBron James’ Tattoo as Copyright Proves Costly Star Wars Battlefront fan game shut down by Lucasfilm Blizzard Allows Release Of Fan-Game It Initially Tried To Shut Down, Reaps Rewards It Should Have Had All Along […]

News of the Week; July 27, 2016

GAMES Pokémon Go is “new level of invasion,” says stony-faced Oliver Stone – Snowden director: “This data-mining game is what they call totalitarianism.” Nintendo posts biggest Q1 loss in five years: Last year’s profit turns to $232 million loss in the face of collapsing Wii U sales and the absence of new revenue streams Nintendo suffers huge […]

News of the Week; July 20, 2016

GAMES Valve lawyers send cease-and-desist letters to Counter-Strike gambling sites: CSGOLotto, CSGOLounge among those told to cease “commercial use” of Steam accounts. Valve calls on 23 Counter-Strike gambling hubs to cease & desist 23 Skin Gambling Sites, Spanning Casino And Sports Betting, Targeted With Cease And Desist From Valve Are ‘Provably Fair’ CS:GO Skin Gambling Sites As Fair And […]