News of the Week; February 8, 2017

GAMES Oculus lawsuit ends with half billion dollar judgment awarded to ZeniMax: Luckey pays $50M, Iribe pays $150M Verdict Analysis: Why the Jury Awarded ZeniMax $500 Million in Oculus Lawsuit Zenimax vs. Oculus: Carmack denies allegations, slams expert analysis John Carmack refutes “misdirection” of ZeniMax lawyers: The Oculus chief technology officer has taken to Facebook […]

News of the Week; February 1, 2017

GAMES Oculus verdict: Judge awards ZeniMax $500 million: Facebook owned VR company did not misappropriate trade secrets as ZeniMax alleged, however Oculus, execs liable for $500 million in ZeniMax VR trial: Court finds Rift maker broke NDA but didn’t steal trade secrets. Lawsuit over NBA 2K facial scanning privacy concerns falls flat Ohio State researcher’s study retracted […]

News of the Week; January 25, 2017

GAMES Controversial video game gun study gets retracted “Boom, headshot!” Disputed video game paper retracted Ohio State U Retracts Paper that Claimed Violent Video Games Gave Players Better Aim with Real Guns Study Claiming Video Games Make Players Better Real-Life Shooters Gets Shot Down Ark: Survival Mod That Replaces Dinos With Pokemon DMCA’d, Possibly By […]

News of the Week; January 18, 2017

GAMES US court says PSN data doesn’t get Fourth Amendment protection: Sony could hand info to the police without a warrant. Microsoft, Epic sued over Gears of War character: Former football player and pro wrestler claims his likeness, voice were stolen for Cole Train Zuckerberg testifies against claims that Oculus stole IP from Zenimax At […]

News of the Week; January 11, 2017

GAMES Atari Being Sued for Alleged Unpaid Rollercoaster Tycoon Royalties: Developer Frontier believes the game sold more than Atari said it did. Oculus VR condemns “wasteful litigation” as ZeniMax lawsuit begins: A Dallas court heard the opening statements yesterday, trial is expected to last three weeks China blocks Pokemon Go and others to protect ‘information security’ Study […]

News of the Week; January 4, 2017

GAMES Planet Coaster dev suing Atari over $2.2M in unpaid royalties Frontier suing Atari over RollerCoaster Tycoon royalties: Cambridge-based developer claims it is owed $2.2m, has attempted to resolve situation without legal action Iranian government blocks access to Clash of Clans: An official committee backed restrictions based on fear that Supercell’s game could incite tribal conflict […]

News of the Week; December 28, 2016

GAMES Nintendo Opens Up New Front In War On Fans: ROM Mods Denuvo Spins Doom Dropping Its DRM Into A Victory Dance Super Mario Run’s inevitable backlash: Consumers bemoan the $10 price point, other consumers rage against them in turn; Nintendo’s attempt to upend the dominance of F2P is as contentious as we expected After […]

News of the Week; December 21, 2016

GAMES Pokémon ROM hack stopped by Nintendo four days before launch: In highly unusual move, Nintendo targets a ROM hack—essentially, a mod. Super Mario Run slower to top charts than Pokémon Go Nintendo shares fall despite Super Mario Run’s instant success Overwatch comic locked in Russia due to “gay propaganda”: Latest comic not readable in Russia as Tracer […]

News of the Week; December 14, 2016

GAMES Russia Accuses EA Of LGBT Propaganda Over Including Rainbow Shoelaces Soccer Players Wore In Real Life California man spent $1 million playing Game of War: Mobile game described as “like gambling, but with no possibility of winning.” China forces devs to reveal loot box drop rates in game: Players must be aware of the percentages […]

News of the Week; December 7, 2016

GAMES FIFA 17 under fire in Russia following EA’s support of LGBTQ campaign: Custom rainbow kits have been met with calls for a ban among Russian MPs citing 2013 “gay propaganda law” Russian officials allege FIFA 17 violates law against gay propaganda Alleging theft of trade secrets, Zynga takes 2 ex-employees to court Konami issues cease and […]