Paper Categories, 2nd Edition











Last year at about this time I outlined possible paper topics after reviewing the various papers submitted over the years. What follows is a category listing of papers from last year, including some papers related to video games from other courses. As before just add the words “Legal Implications of…” before the topic and it should make sense.

Here goes (in alphabetical order):

* Brain Manipulation Through Future Video Game Technology

* Contract Unconscionability in Video Game Worlds

* Digital Media & Children

* Let’s Plays & Fair Use

* Over-long Copyright Terms”

* Player Authorship & Fair Dealing

* Price Discrimination in Video Games

* Proposed Video Game Addiction Laws of South Korea

* Protecting User Privacy

* Regulating & Monitoring Video Games

* Regulating Virtual Economies

* Rights to “Gameplay”

* Safeguarding Play Through Contract

* Supporting Mods by Balancing Copyright & User Rights

* Violent Video Games & Constitutions

* Violent Video Games & the Precautionary Principle

* Virtual Economies/Real Income”

* Virtual Property & Trusts