News of the Week; August 13, 2014


1. SNK Playmore Files Criminal Complaint Against Square Enix

2. Sony faces Killzone: Shadowfall lawsuit over graphics – “Sony’s marketing and on-box representations turned out to be nothing more than fiction”

3. Big Fish accused of “unfair or deceptive” trade practices

4. Codemasters offers refunds for PC port of mobile Colin McRae

5. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood And The Viral “Oops”

6. Twitch Muting Video That Contains Copyrighted Audio

Twitch Adds Appeal Button to Videos Affected By Automated Copyright Enforcement System

Twitch Muting Further Demonstrates Copyright Law Needs To Relax For Its Own Good

Andrew Eisen Video: Twitch Does Not Need To Mute Sound in Videos

7. Candy Crush Saga publisher King getting pummeled by market after weak Q2

8. World of Warcraft Loses 800K Subscribers in the Last Three Months

9. Zynga misses Wall Street expectations, but it invests in NFL and Tiger Woods games for the ‘long term’

Zynga chief Don Mattrick steers the struggling social game publisher into a mobile future (interview)

10. Take-Two loses $35.4 million in first quarter

11. Father Takes Sons to the Middle East to Show Them the Difference Between Real War and Video Game War

12. Rutgers players upset about end of college football video game series

13. Gaza: The Videogame – Games in the Google Play App Store let you play the Gaza conflict. Why do their developers create them?

14. Activision Teases the Return of Sierra

Activision resurrects Sierra thanks to good trademark practices (Jas Purewal)

15. PlayStation 4 will let you play friends’ games without buying them this fall

16. PlayStation 4 hits 10m sales mark

17. Xbox One Getting Mobile TV Streaming, Plus DLNA And USB Playback

18. Why Game Accessibility Matters

19. Playing Games Increases Brain Size

20. Brains At Play

21. An actual fish has been playing Pokémon Red for 135 hours now: We can’t cure ebola, but we can make it so a fish can play Game Boy games!

22. Games Studies: the international journal of computer game research (volume 14 issue 1August 2014 ISSN:1604-7982)


23. Monkey’s selfie at center of copyright brouhaha: Wikipedia says the public, not the photojournalist, owns the rights to ape’s pic.

Wikipedia’s monkey selfie ruling is a travesty for the world’s monkey artists: How is an aspiring monkey photographer supposed to make it if she can’t stop the rampant internet piracy of monkey works?

How That Monkey Selfie Reveals The Dangerous Belief That Every Bit Of Culture Must Be ‘Owned’

We Asked A Bunch Of Lawyers: Who Owns The Copyright To This Amazing Monkey Selfie?: Wikipedia? The Wildlife Photographer? Maybe Even The Monkey?

24. Plot Thickens as 900 Writers Battle Amazon

Amazon Gets Increasingly Nervous

In a Fight With Authors, Amazon Cites Orwell, but Not Quite Correctly

Distribution Is King

25. Consent agreement reached with e-book publishers – Canada has reached a settlement with e-book publishers following settlements in the EU and the US

26. The Internet Never Forgets: Google Inc.’S “Right To Be Forgotten” EU Ruling And Its Implications In Canada

27. Judge Rejects Comically Low $324.5M Settlement To Tech Workers Who Were Cheated Out Of Fair Wages

28. DMCA mea culpa: Randy Queen apologizes for response to criticism – Artist of Darkchylde series says his response “was the wrong one to take.”

29. The Ghost of iCraveTV?: The CRTC Asks Bell For Answers About Its Mobile TV Service in Net Neutrality Case

30. Apple and Samsung Agree To Drop All Patent Lawsuits Outside the U.S.

31. President Obama Does Not Support Internet ‘Fast Lanes’

FCC Chairman Lines Up With President Obama on Fast Lanes

32. Snapchat Is Now The #3 Social App Among Millennials

33. Could Red Bull Become the New ESPN?

34. Foursquare kills off the “social media” pretense of data collection

35. More than 20,000 join privacy action against Facebook: Lawsuit initiated by Austrian privacy campaigner Max Schrems over data protection

36. A More Pseudonymous Internet: From ephemeral publishing apps to the abandoned Google+ “real names” policy, a push to revive relative namelessness online.

37. Quarantine for Cyberbullies: The Latest Strategy in the Fight Against Offensive Social Media Content

38. Who has better online privacy? The U.S. or EU?

39. How a Simple Spambot Became the Second Most Powerful Member of an Italian Social Network


40. Allergy to Originality: Mark Twain and the Remix Nature of All Creative Work, Animated

41. Reagan Biographer Claims ‘Copyright Infringement’ Because Another Biographer Used The Same Facts

42. Do documentary filmmakers need data about their audiences?: As Netflix and other services gain viewer insights, filmmakers aren’t seeing the full picture

43. Netflix surpasses HBO in subscriber revenue: New media out earns old—with a smaller customer base.

44. NJ Supreme Court Says Rap Lyrics Can’t Be Introduced As Evidence Unless Directly Linked To Criminal Actions