News of the Week; April 30, 2014

1. Stanford Has a Videogame Controller That Knows if You’re Bored

2. New ESA Report Offers Stats Galore on American Gaming Trends

3. PC market has surpassed console – DFC

4. Women increasing representation among US gamers – ESA

5. Virtual rape and slavery scandal rocks Minecraft community

6. Playing with privilege: the invisible benefits of gaming while male

7. How Dota 2 manipulates your behavior

8. Yes, There are Old Atari Game Cartridges Buried in the Desert

9. Digging up meaning from the rubble of an excavated Atari landfill

10. People donated $100,571 to pay for a game about being a bear

11. Zynga Founder Leaves Daily Role at Struggling Game Maker

12. So you want to publish a game in China…

13. This guy thinks killing video game characters is immoral

14. Video Games That Embrace Irony and Death

15. Sharing joysticks: how video games are opening up to LGBT themes

16. Danish government releases geographic data by way of 1:1 Minecraft map

17. Growth grinds to a halt for Angry Birds’ maker

18. Whatever happened to the arcade-style sports video game?

19. Nintendo Is Sort of Warming Up to This “Internet” Thing

20. Government Buries Massive Trademark Overhaul in Budget Implementation Bill

21. Trademark change bad for business

22. The Digital Privacy Act: Protecting the economic interests of copyright holders, or opening the door to copyright trolling in Canada?

23. Appeals court deals Apple’s current case against Samsung a massive blow: key patent devalued

24. Two Rulings May Curb Lawsuits Over Patents

25. (Canadian) Government makes over a million requests a year for data from telecoms

26. Declassified FISC Order Shows Verizon Lost Challenge to NSA’s Mass Surveillance Program

27. Communications Privacy for and by Whom?

28. F.B.I. Informant Is Tied to Cyberattacks Abroad

29. Putin’s Fear of the Internet

30. Justices appear open to limits on cellphone searches

31. Football team settles suit over text messages to fans for $3 million

32. FCC to Release Draft Net Neutrality Rules in May  

33. Net Neutrality: A Guide to (and History of) a Contested Idea

34. Does Anyone Like the FCC’s Proposed Net Neutrality Rules?

35. U.S. Plan for Internet Fast Lanes Contrasts With European Rules

36. Different Regulations, Different Regulators: Behind Canada’s Net Neutrality Advantage

37. BitTorrent: Netflix should defeat ISPs by switching to peer-to-peer

38. RadiumOne’s All-Male Board Is Now Deciding Whether (or Not) to Dump CEO Over Domestic Violence Conviction

+ Here Is the RadiumOne CEO Gurbaksh Chahal Firing Statement