News of the Week; April 9, 2014

1. Video Game Store Owner Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion, Faces Five Years in Prison

2. Study: Games’ link to aggression comes from challenge, not violence

3. Ultimate Gay Fighter To Be Renamed After Legal Pressure

4. The Reality of Sexism in the Game Industry

5. Are Japanese women the future of its gaming?

6. Blizzard, trans clans, and the evolution of online harassment policy

7. Report: Russia Proposing Stricter Age Restrictions for Video Games and Web Sites

8. This War Of Mine turns war survivors’ tales into game design

9. TabTale: “We don’t believe in virtual currency for kids”

10. Regulatory and tax issues posed by Convertible Virtual Currencies

11. Computers Are Now Able to Teach Each Other Pac-Man, The End is Near

12. Last year, 71 million people watched other people play video games

13. Most Mobile Game Players Quit After One Day

14. Wargaming to Invest $10 Million in Support of eSports

15. Amazon Fire TV: A “nonevent” for games?

16. Ridley Scott is working on a Halo project for Microsoft

17. Xbox has landfill dig for Atari games approved

18. Microsoft will let you share Xbox One clips on YouTube starting tomorrow

19. How pinball and boardwalk amusements gave rise to video games

20. Mozilla’s Chief Felled by View on Gay Unions

21. Why Mozilla’s Chief Had to Resign

22. New California law extends additional protections to minors on the internet

23. Technology’s Man Problem

24. Supreme Court passes on NSA bulk phone surveillance case

25. EU high court strikes down metadata collection law

26. Illegal Spying: BCCLA files class action lawsuit against Canada’s electronic spy agency

27. Snowden Speaks: A Vanity Fair Exclusive

28. Turkey Lifts Twitter Ban

29. From Turkey’s ban to “Cuban Twitter”: How countries manipulate the masses on social media

30. Nearly Half Of Americans Claim They’ve Changed Their Behavior Due To NSA

31. U.S. Calls Out Canadian Data Protection as a Trade Barrier

32. E.U. Lawmakers Approve Tough ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules

33. 5 Privacy Laws I Would Put on the Books Right Now

34. Release of discussion draft on Action 1 (Tax Challenges of the Digital Economy) of the BEPS Action Plan

35. Royal Society of Canada says Wi-Fi appears safe, exposure limits fine

36. Court Quickly Rejects Contempt Motion Against Google By Innocence Of Muslims’ Actress

37. Aereo Gets Support from Cable Operators, Law Professors, Tech Industry

38. Competition Bureau Seeks Input on the Updated Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines

39. Never Use the Words “Intellectual Property” When It Matters

40. What’s New in Digital and Social Media Research: How editors see the news differently from readers, and the limits of filter bubbles

41. Why it is not possible to regulate robots

42. Automated ethics

43. The Internet of Things: Monopoly Capitalism vs. Collaborative Commons

44. Is Native Advertising Legal? Does It Matter?

45. The Guilt of the Video-game Millionaires

46. NBA star Jeremy Lin says DOTA 2 is “more than just a game”