News of the Week; February 12, 2014

1. Valve Wins German Lawsuit Concerning Used Digital Games Sales

2. Modchips now legal in the EU (as long as they’re not naughty)

3. U.S. Gaming Content Spending Topped $15.39 Billion in 2013

4. Original Dungeon Keeper Creator Calls New Mobile Game ‘Ridiculous’

5. Oculus VR Will Co-Publish Space Shooter EVE: Valkyrie

6. Gaming Minds Search for the Sweet Spot Between Physical and Virtual Worlds

7. Flappy Bird Soars, Then Disappears, Along With a Weekend

+ Flappy Bird Fallout: Piracy, Clones and eBay Auctions

+ 29-Year-Old Flappy Bird Creator Says Guilt Made Him Shut Down His Game: It Became ‘Addictive’

8. Why Indie Developers Go Insane

9. UMass Studies The Positive Effects of Casual Games

10. League of Legends developer promises it’s not a patent troll

11. Report: EA is Manipulating the Ratings for Free-to-Play Dungeon Keeper Game

12. Inside the Epic Online Space Battle That Cost Gamers $300,000

13. Amazon Boosts Gaming Cred With Acquisition of Double Helix Games

14. Games still seen as “social ill” but there’s opportunity in education – Hawkins

15. Why the Fighting Game Community is Color Blind

16. Twitch Beats Out Facebook and Amazon in Online U.S. Traffic

17. Life is a game. This is your strategy guide

18. Cisco Jumps Into The Fray: Fights Rockstar Consortium Patent Lawsuits

19. Court sides with T-Mobile, bans AT&T’s Aio Wireless from using magenta color

20. The Day the Internet Didn’t Fight Back

21. What happens with digital rights management in the real world?

22. Twitter Rejects NSA Agreement, Demands More Transparency

23. Turks bid farewell to the Internet in the face of brutal censorship/surveillance law

24. When Facebook’s Terms Of Service Decide What Kind Of ‘Speech’ Is Okay, Activists Get Silenced

25. Surveillance and Canada’s lagging law

26. Tim Berners-Lee: we need to re-decentralise the web