News of the Week; February 5, 2014

1. U.S. District Court Dismisses GTA Online Class Action Lawsuit

+ Grand Theft Auto online delay not actionable

2. GTA V tops 32m shipped as Take-Two’s Q3 profits hit $578m

3. Blizzard sues Hearthstone clone developer

4. Someone Files Fake ‘Express Abandonment’ on Watch Dog Trademark, Ubisoft Fights Back

5. Pennsylvania’s Fact-Finding Commission on Video Games and Violence Fails to Find Facts

6. Violent video games may affect moral judgement in teens

7. Sony data breach case stripped down but not gone

8. Does the CJEU ruling in Nintendo and Others v PC Box Srl raise serious implications for device manufacturers?

9. Funcom: We Are Cooperating with Authorities in Insider Trading Investigation

10. The Squalid Grace of Flappy Bird

11. Well Played: volume 3 number 1

12. Games and the Public Domain

13. Keyboards, Kickstarter and Copyright Law: Elite Systems under fire

14. Video games, Down’s syndrome and my brother – a personal story

15. Digital Video Games and International Interactions

16. Struggling Zynga to Buy Mobile Game Maker

17. Remember Me developer files for bankruptcy – reports

18. Nintendo Buys Back 9.5 Million Shares for $1.13 Billion

19. Why Nintendo Won’t Give Up on the Wii U’s GamePad

20. Street Fighter II: An Oral History

21. CRA confirms its view of bitcoin transactions

22. Government of Canada tables five significant intellectual property law treaties

23. Tech startups: A Cambrian moment

24. Has the FCC Chairman Solved the Net Neutrality Quagmire?

25. LinkedIn claims breach of contract by bot users

26. Does Bitcoin Matter?

27. How DeepMind’s artificial intelligence will make Google even smarter