News of the Week; August 28, 2013

1. King Sues 6Waves for Alleged Game Copyright Infringement. Here’s the Complaint.

2. Keller v. EA Delayed for Supreme Court Review Petition

3. RI Judge Greenlights Lawsuit against 38 Studios

4. Supreme Court Justice Kagan Played Video Games to Prepare for Brown v. EMA

5. New Research Suggest Video Games Are Not Triggers For At-Risk Teens

6. Report: Eight-Year-Old Boy Murders Elderly Caregiver After Playing GTA

+ Once Again, Media Jumps On Violent Video Games Before Knowing The Facts

7. Top Connecticut Lawmaker Urges Industry to End Licensing Deals with Gun Manufacturers

8. League of Legends Finals Sells Out LA’s Staples Center In An Hour

9. The Hunt for One of Gaming’s Most Mythical Creatures

10. Ninth Circuit determines Green Day’s Scream Icon is safe under fair use doctrine

11. EFF Victory Results in Release of Secret Court Opinion Finding NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional

+ Google and Microsoft’s plea on NSA requests moves slowly in secret court

+ NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies

12. What killed Aaron Swartz?

13. Intellectual Property Rights and Institutions: A Pluralist Account by Michael E. Kenneally

14. Will the Explosion of 3D Printing Mark the Implosion of Copyright Law?

15. Classic Patent Scholarship

16. When I think, you move: researchers achieve brain-to-brain interface